RANDOLPH, NJ - Last Tuesday night, the Township Council recognized and honored multiple Randolph Police officers for their "life-saving efforts," as well as a group of civilians who assisted officers in the line of duty.

"As chief of police, it is extremely rewarding to have award presentations and to be able to recognize the significant accomplishments and actions of our officers," said Chief David Stokoe.

The first award was the Civilian Service Award, which was granted to civilians Harrison Laverty, Christopher Cuevas, Alise Dowling, Shannon Carney and Justin Hayes.

On May 22, 2014, officers responded to a report of a male sleeping behind the wheel. Five civilians attending a prom at the Skylands located the vehicle prior to law enforcement arrival and stopped to assist. Both Laverty and Cuevas called 911. Cuevas then opened the car door to check on the driver and removed the keys from the ignition to prevent the car from going mobile.

Laverty, Cuevas, Dowling, Carney and Hayes all stayed with the car and waited for the police to arrive. Upon law enforcement arrival, the driver of the vehicle was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated.

"The fact that all of the individuals were high school students speaks volumes of their moral and ethical character, especially in a day and age when no one wants to get involved in anything," said Stokoe.

The second award was the Life Saving Award presented to Sergeant Frank Mygas, Officer Brian Brenckman and Officer Robert Coyle. This is the fourth Life Saving Award for Mygas, the second for Brenckman and the first for Coyle.

On Aug. 10, 2014, Mygas, Brenckman and Coyle responded to a call of a 48-year-old unconscious male.  While en route, information revealed the male had stopped breathing.  The officers also determined that the patient had no pulse and immediately administered life saving actions.  Coyle started chest compressions, while Brenckman utilized the automated external defibrillator (AED). Mygas also assisted these officers with the life saving actions. Eventually, a pulse returned to the victim. The paramedics arrived, treated the patient and transported him to the hospital for further treatment. The patient survived and was later released from the hospital.

The third award was another Life Saving Award granted to Detective Jeff Goral, Officer James Pritchard and Officer Matthew O’Hern.

On Aug. 30, 2014 Goral, Pritchard and O'Hern responded to a call of a 22-year-old unresponsive male without a pulse.  All three officers immediately began to administer life saving actions and performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on the patient who was found to be suffering from a drug overdose.  The quick actions of these officers sustained the patient long enough for medics to arrive on scene and administer NARCAN to the patient.  The patient was revived and transported to a local hospital, where he recovered and was later released.

The last award recognized was the Educational Achievement Award, which is presented to officers who have obtained a minimum of an Associate’s Degree in education. Officers awarded were Jason Del Turco, Michael Puskas, James Pritchard, Giacomo Greco, Brian Gallina, Matthew O’Hern, Kyle Hefferon, and Jeremiah Crowley.

"As a whole, the department has made great strides and accomplished a tremendous amount this year.  Each and every officer has played a vital part in this process and I am extremely proud of our officers," said Chief Stokoe.

The Traffic Advisory Committee was also acknowledged for their generous donation of a Speed Alert RADAR Message Sign to the police department. Committee Chairman Jim Maraska and the rest of the committee were asked to join Chief Stokoe for a proper recognition.

"This is another great example of a Township Committee and the police department working together to help make Randolph Township a safer place to live and work," said Stokoe.

The sign is portable and can be deployed just about anywhere.  It can also perform traffic counts and surveys to help know exactly how significant a traffic problem is and the specific hours in which the problem exists.