I love where I live. It’s that simple. When my husband and I made the decision to move to Randolph sixteen years ago, we were looking for a desirable school system, like most parents with young children. We have three, all of whom have attended the terrific Randolph schools from kindergarten on. In choosing Randolph Township, we got so much more. We were embraced by a loving community of caring and devoted people who have come through for one another time and again.

I have been a realtor for 7 1/2 years now. Before that, I owned a business in Randolph for 5 years, a small boutique style fitness center called Quickfit. Through my association with that, I was fortunate in forming many friendships and relationships which helped me to grow my real estate business. Because my husband and I feel so fortunate to be living in such a wonderful town, we, along with many others who I know do the same, volunteer our time on the Shongum Council.

Randolph is large, without that cozy little center that many towns in New Jersey show off. Instead, we can boast about our several neighborhoods, each with their own unique characteristics. Despite its size, however, Randolph folks are connected to one another because they have such a strong sense of community.

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And community is what The Alternative Press of Randolph is all about. Newly initiated in Randolph, due to the efforts and foresight of Wendi Manderioli, TAP, our own neighborhood online news source, will enable the speedy, accurate and effective communication of township events from the goings-on at the local school board to town council meetings to the spring concert to school sporting events... at our fingertips, on our smartphones and tablets. Being in the loop, that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Community accomplishments can be shared and celebrated. In times of emergency, necessary and vital information can be spread rapidly.  As a former business owner and current Randolph Township realtor, I am particularly delighted by the possibilities for local entrepreneurs to network and promote their businesses through the advertising and marketing opportunities offered by TAP. The Alternative Press of Randolph provides its readers here with a unique and customized insider view into the special community of Randolph to those away in other communities who might be looking to make it their home. Furthermore, a more educated and engaged population is more likely to make better informed decisions about the future of our community, and TAP can help make that possible.

TAP offers opportunities for the populace to engage in contributing to the news by reaching out to us, community members, to participate in sharing newsworthy information. I am convinced that the power to share, connect and discover useful information about our town through TAP will benefit and enrich our lives not only in the most obvious ways but in more meaningful ways that have yet to be revealed. I am so pleased to endorse this endeavor. I urge you to join me in to becoming a regular reader and participant in The Alternative Press of Randolph.

Missy Iemmello