RANDOLPH, NJ- On Wednesday, April 23, The Wildlife Management Advisory Committee had a meeting discussing hunters zone captain responsibilities and possible consequences for any rule breaking by hunters.

“I always thought from our previous meetings and our previous seasons that our objective for the captains was basically to manage your zone. We don’t necessarily know exactly where they are as long as they abide by the rules, stay away from other hunters and stay within the property limits then there’s no issues. My understanding was that basically you as a zone captain only get involved if there’s a dispute between hunters or anyone that calls in to say you are trespassing or anything like that,” said Vice President, John Spano.

The committee discussed the obligations and responsibilities of a zone captain. Last year was the first year the committee had designated zone captains. Previous to that, Skip Lerman who was the Parks Supervisor at the time and a current zone captain would be the man to go to if any issue or question was brought up. Lerman would be the one to resolve any issues.

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Spano believes it is the hunter’s responsibility to let the zone captain know their location. It was believed that if any single person should know the location of all hunters it should be Parks and Recreation Director, Russ Newman, in case any accidents should occur.

“I don’t think it is up to the captains to babysit these guys,” said committee member, Marc Perez. “We are all adults.”

If a hunter is to move their stand from their original spot they are supposed to report it back to the captain. The committee agreed it is the hunter’s responsibility to either text or call the captain for any location updates. Regardless of what the hunters agree upon, it is agreed that there should be at least one person that knows their location, whether it be a family member or captain.

“The other thing and this is hiking 101, is if you have a parking pass in your windshield just put in where you are and how long you are expected to be there,” said Newman.

The topic was brought up due to an incident last year where a hunter was injured after falling out of his tree stand. Newman followed up with the case after it was brought up at a previous meeting. It was reported that the bow hunter wore a safety harness but he did not clip it in. When he went to sit down he fell out of the tree. The hunter was able to walk out of the woods with assistance and went to the hospital.   

Another topic brought up for discussion was rules and regulations. The rules from last year were already sent out to the members of the hunt. The committee will discuss violations so everyone is aware of them at the hunter’s meeting in July.

“Well they should know that we are not going to tolerate them not following the rules. If anybody steps out of line then these are the consequences. You do it once, twice, third time you are gone or whatever we decide,” said Alternate and Zone Captain, Joe Speer.

The committee has rules in place but they have yet to decide what the consequences will be if they are broken. They will discuss consequences for any violation that is committed and announce them at the hunter’s meeting. Anything such as a conflict between two guys takes place, failure to file paperwork, or not meeting quota will have consequences.