Zeek Plumbing would like to thank St. Clare’s Hospital and Fino Electric for getting us involved in the construction of auxiliary tents at both St. Clare’s facilities. We were honored to be able to assist the community during such a hard time. The planning, construction, and installation was completed within 3 days. This is a testament to the incredible people involved in a project of this stature. When asked by Fino Electric for assistance with the plumbing work needed for the tents, Zeek Plumbing answered the call without hesitation.  During times like this, communities need to come together to offer assistance for others. We are glad to serve and be a part of this community, especially after seeing the incredible work of so many during this project.

We want to thank St. Clare’s Hospital, their doctors, nurses, and every hospital employee who are on the front lines every day to help battle this pandemic. The sacrifices you continue to make for other members of your community are truly remarkable.

Zeek Plumbing would also like to thank the following groups of people because without them this would not have been possible:

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The administration and directors at St. Clare’s who constructed the plan and made crucial decisions throughout the process.

The local EMS and first responders at St Clare’s for insuring everybody’s safety.

The facility and maintenance departments at St Clare’s for their help and support.

The Morris County staff for their help in providing equipment and guidance with the tents.

We also want to thank all of our Zeek Plumbing employees who are continuing to work during this tough time. They are working 7 days a week and continue to show up ready to work every day with energy and a smile on their face. We cannot thank you enough and are proud to call you our coworkers.

However, the fight against the virus is not over yet so continue to follow all the procedures from New Jersey, the country, and the CDC. Keep practicing safe social distancing, wear masks whenever you have to go into public, and wash your hands.

Stay healthy and stay safe!

Zeek Plumbing