Founder of the “Share the Keys” program for parents and students; recipient of the State Beacon Award (picture of me next to my plaque)

My name is Joanne Veech and I am a candidate for re-election to the Randolph Township Council. 

When my oldest son first got his driver's license, I was very concerned about his safety and inexperience as a driver. He had that need for speed and it was a nightmare for my husband and me as his parents. I felt that a few professionally taught hours behind the wheel, along with our driving together, and a written test didn’t adequately prepare him or our family for this new freedom.  Where were the guidance and tools I needed as a parent?  How could I put restrictions in place to help ensure his safety and help my son as a teen driver to resist the pressures he would face? I recognized that issues beyond parental control needed to be addressed such as the number of teenagers he could have in the car with him, which roads and highways were appropriate for his skill level, and what conditions were safe for him.

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At the time I was serving as Chair of the Randolph Traffic Advisory Committee and decided to look for tools that would benefit new drivers and their parents. I worked with the Randolph Police Department to bring to Randolph, and later to the state of New Jersey, the innovative and successful Alive at 25 program that later evolved into the Share the Keys program. This program is now mandatory for all Randolph High School drivers and their parents.

When the program first began, Randolph Police Sergeant Yarzab and I taught the program across the state. Because of our efforts, we were both awarded the highest state volunteer award from Governor Corzine, the Beacon Award.  We were also founding members of the Graduated Driver License (GDL) that places restrictions on new drivers as they gradually improve their driving skills. I know these programs have saved many lives over the years. I’m very happy that teens and parents now have guidelines and tools to help keep everyone safe and I am very proud of my contribution in bringing these successful initiatives to Randolph and New Jersey.

I’m Joanne Veech, running to be re-elected to the town council.  I ask for your vote and continued support of the new programs I bring to our community.