The Right Choice for Randolph

This afternoon, candidates for Randolph council David Timpanaro, Joshua Weiner, and Jeanette Hernandez released the following statement on the current town administration’s failure to adequately address issues of racial injustice and bigotry:

“Leaders in Randolph have long chosen to turn a blind eye to the prejudice that is our community’s worst kept secret, and as a result this issue has only recently begun to receive the attention and treatment it deserves. It is sad to see so much racial and cultural division in our community, but good to see it finally come to light and be openly acknowledged. When these divisions persist, they serve only to remind Randolph residents that they have yet to be fully included as indispensable members of our great community.

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In response to recent local events, individual residents and groups like the PEACE organization have reached out to our local officials to address racial and cultural inclusion. Residents, not elected leaders, have taken on the work of recommending various programs and seminars and other ideas, many of which are already utilized in other municipalities.  Unfortunately, there is currently not a single promoted resource within Randolph Township to address these issues. Because of this lack of preparation or acknowledgement of our fellow community members, our Municipal Alliance Committee has been the recipient of much of the feedback in this regard. This falls well outside the scope of the MAC - we fund it to address substance abuse and mental health issues in Randolph.

This issue is too important to hide away in a subset of a committee few Randolph residents have heard of.  It is crucially important that the Township Council create a new standing committee whose sole purpose is to address and advise the Council on issues surrounding racism, hate, bigotry, xenophobia, and other forms of bias in our community. This committee should consist of members of our community and be chaired by a person of color who has experienced firsthand the ways in which our current leadership has let our community down. Council Candidates David Timpanaro, Joshua Weiner, and Jeanette Hernandez ("Right Choice for Randolph") have already recommended to the Council that it implement this necessary change.  Though the Council and BOE recently created the Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee (DISC), this is a non-permanent ad hoc committee that is still in fact-finding mode. Stopgap solutions are not enough. We are demanding an additional, permanent standing committee that can immediately tackle the issues of bigotry and intolerance, sponsor related programs and events to combat these problems, and give the members of our community a platform and a method for addressing all related concerns to the Council.

As our passion and part of our campaign platform, we, Timpanaro, Weiner, and Hernandez have been on top of this issue for several months, pushing back against the council’s inaction and advocating on behalf of our whole community.  We ask you for your support, but we also need your feedback.  Tell us what steps you believe Randolph should take to make our community more inclusive and welcoming for people of all walks of life.  We are always stronger when we work together.”