Vote for DeVito (#2), MacKay (#3), Stifelman (#4)

Randolph Board of Education

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I'm writing in support of Susan DeVito, Tammy MacKay, and Jeanne Stifelman for Randolph Board of Education.

They have a proven record of making contributions to Randolph's students, teachers, school administrators and community.

Susan has an extensive Randolph education history. She was a student and teacher here, before the community elected her to the board of education in 2016. Her teaching and administration background has lent a unique perspective benefiting students' education. In addition, she has supported the arts and teachers, one example being her efforts negotiating music stipends. She's also shown dedication to athletics through her time as RAMRAC liaison.

Tammy is the longest tenured board of education member, spending time as president and vice president. She's also served on, and as chair, of many board committees. This support of Randolph's students having opportunities readying them for life, has led to sustained state and national recognition for them and the district. Tammy is the perfect example when community members mention how important board experience is to ensuring our students are ready for anything they want to pursue. 

Jeanne returned to the board of education in 2019, having previously served from 2010-2013. Her prior experience in managing state education funding cuts, as chair of both negotiations and finance, facilities and transportation committees, will be needed as NJ continues to reduce Randolph's state aid. Over the last 14 years, she's also supported our students, teachers and community by serving as PTO President, PTO Council member, President of the RHS Choir and Theater Booster Club, Girl’s Ice Hockey booster club, and RAMRAC.

Sue, Tammy, and Jeanne have also taken a leading position in the state with regard to Randolph students' safety and security. Our district has led the state in installation of three-point school bus harnesses, water testing, and school security improvements (elementary school vestibules are just one example). In every case above, your board of education has acted to protect our students’ health and safety before recent NJ state mandates.

DeVito, MacKay, and Stifelman have a proven track record of improving student preparedness for life, in a safe and secure environment. Just as important as the contributions they've made is how they work to accomplish them. They understand that Randolph board of education members must listen to each other and the community.

Vote for DeVito (#2), MacKay (#3), Stifelman (#4).

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Ensuring the best for Randolph’s children and community – Sheldon Epstein