RANDOLPH, NJ —  On Saturday, May 4th, Randolph residents gathered in solidarity in the wake of the horrific Chabad of Poway House shooting that left one dead and three injured. The memorial service was filled with unity, solidarity and prayer along with comforting words from our town Mayor, Mr. Loveys; township representative, Norma Jacobs and former Chabad of Poway member, Abigail Hartman. 

“With the passing of Lori Kaye, the world became darker. We can only respond to darkness by adding in light,” said Rabbi Avraham Bekhor. “That's why all are encouraged to go to your Chabad or local synagogue. Bring a friend and encourage others to ShareShabbat.”

“As Rabbi Goldstein of the Poway community stood face to face with the murderer, in that moment he saw hate and no soul in his eyes. The Rabbi said he will never ever get that frightening picture out of his mind”, says Rabbi Bekhor.

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 “He said that one possible solution to senseless hate and no sense of soul is to encourage a moment of silence in our public schools. Imagine if each student would pause for a moment each day and recognize some Higher Being and that we are His children. Imagine each child feeling part of something greater than themselves and knowing there is a purpose to living- a mission for each one to fulfill. Imagine if each student would recognize and develop their soul and recognize that each has a role to play in making the world a better place and to bring more goodness and kindness into this world. As parents we can all try to bring this message into our homes and to our children. Let us try to change our own world and we can never know the affects globally”, says Chava Bekhor.

“As a Rabbi in the Randolph community, I encourage all administrators of public schools to bring “a moment of silence” back into our public schools as it used to be in the 1980’s. Let us give our youth their soul back. It will lower, without question teen suicide rates, bullying along with eradicating senseless hate”, says Rabbi Bekhor.

As Rabbi Goldstein said just moments after the attack: “We are going to stand tall, we are going to stand proud of our heritage. If a little light can dispel a lot of darkness, than many lights can truly illuminate the whole world.”

For more information on the Poway Shabbat Initiative, visit www.RandolphJewish.com/ShareShabbat.