This morning, candidates for Randolph Township Council David Timpanaro, Joshua Weiner, and Jeanette Hernandez released a statement on their plan to promote diversity and inclusion in the Randolph community and to confront racism and prejudice:

“Randolph is a diverse community, and our campaign is committed to ensuring that everyone in it feels welcome, heard, and included. Not only does that mean making sure every resident of our town is safe and comfortable, it means making sure our local government is working for our local needs, not just doing the bidding of the council’s well-connected friends. When we are on the council, we will ensure that our entire community is represented and heard in local government:

We are committed to tackling racism and prejudice head-on. These are issues that exist in Randolph. It’s well past time we had local government that actually recognized, rather than ignored, the issues facing our residents and students of color.

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We have called on the council multiple times to, and will if elected, establish a permanent standing committee to address the issues of bigotry and intolerance in our community. This committee would have the ability to advise the council on issues relating to racism and prejudice, as well as sponsor initiatives and coordinate with all areas of local government to ensure that these issues are finally heard and addressed.

We recognize that the government of Randolph needs to look like Randolph. When we are on the township council, we will vote for representative members of committees, not our friends and donors. If a certain percentage of Randolph identifies with a minority group, then that percentage of our municipal government’s committees should be members of that group. For too long, local government has been treated as a game that the upper levels of our local Republican Party play with each other, not as the solemn duty it truly is.

As council members, we will pass a resolution recognizing Diwali and Juneteenth as holidays. The current administration’s attendance at parties needs to be backed up by concrete recognition for all our community’s celebrations and festivities.

We will raise the “Pride” (LGBTQ+) flag at town hall, and we will back it up by ensuring our LGBTQ+ community members and residents are represented and supported at all levels of our town government.

We are committed to reducing the stigma around mental health, and we will call on the county to require crisis training for all law enforcement and Emergency Management personnel under their jurisdiction.


Together, we will make sure everyone in Randolph is represented in local government.”