On Thursday, January 21 at 7 p.m., Saint Clare’s Health online series, “Let’s Talk Health” hosted by Brian Finestein, Chief Executive Officer of Saint Clare’s Health, will feature Dr. S. Singh, Director of Behavioral Health discussing the mental health impact of the COVID pandemic on both children and adults.

According to Dr. Singh, “Understandably, during the COVID global pandemic, the focus is on the physical health on individuals. However, with this pandemic, there is a significant impact on mental health of both children and adults. Typically, the psychological impact is subtle at first, and can develop and become more chronic. The behavioral health providers are now seeing a substantial impact.”   

Saint Clare’s Health NEW online series, “Let’s Talk Health,” provides the community with accurate, trusted information featuring expert physicians discussing topics, such as COVID-19 and Transmission; Vaccine Safety and Delivery; Post COVID Recovery for Lungs and Heart; Pregnancy and Family Planning During COVID; Obesity and is relationship to COVID and the vaccine’s effectiveness, and more.

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Dr. Singh outlines the symptoms that children at various ages may exhibit, how to age- appropriately speak to children and address their fears and concerns, as well as provides resources for support. He states, “We are seeing that both adults and children are experiencing and depression, and some more serious issues.”

According to Brian Finestein, “This unique series provides relevant information on COVID issues, as well as healthcare resources. We wanted to offer both current information, as well as where people can get the help they need. Most importantly, members of the community can submit questions to be answered by a physician.”

Finestein continues, “Saint Clare’s Let’s Talk Health, also in a newsletter format, provides timely information and vital resources. For example, too often people are afraid to come to the Emergency Department when experiencing COVID symptoms. Saint Clare’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) will come to your home for FREE, and access your condition through a series of tests. If you need to come to the Emergency Department, we will transport you.  If not, you can be assured that you are taking the precautionary steps for your health. That is the type of valuable resources we are providing to the community.”

The community is invited to register for the FREE events online, as well as submit their questions on saintclares.com. Topics, dates, and times are listed on the website, www.saintclareshealth.com/events.

For more information, visit SaintClares.com.