As the hot and humid months of summer are quickly approaching, it is a good time to implement
some practices that will prevent or reduce mold growth in your bathroom. Every bathroom
accumulates moisture but by battling bathroom mold, you will keep the space clean, safe,
healthy and also attractive.

What Causes Bathroom Mold?
● High moisture levels due to lack of proper ventilation
● Leaky plumbing pipes and fixtures
Heat and moisture accumulate on a regular basis in bathrooms, providing the perfect
environment for mold to grow. Not only can mold impact the appearance of your bathroom, but it
can also cause damage to your walls, floors, ceilings, and even your own health. Mold
prevention is essential in ensuring your bathroom is in good working order.

Follow these 7 easy tips to keep your bathroom mold-free!
1. Check for Leaks - Examine all bathroom fixtures and piping under the sink for leaks
which may quickly produce mold growth.
2. Wipe down Bathroom Surfaces - After a bath or shower, squeegee excess water off
shower walls. This eliminates at least 75% of the moisture that supports mold and
mildew growth.
3. Turn on the Ventilation Fan - Every bathroom needs a powerful fan that should run
during the shower or bath and also for about thirty minutes after to effectively suck the
moisture out of the air.
4. Keep Minimal Items in Shower/Tub - Store any necessary bottles or toys in wire baskets
or on hooks. This will allow everything to drip dry.
5. Clean the Bathroom Weekly - As dust is a food source for mold, dust your bathroom
regularly with a dampened microfiber cloth. Scrub the toilets, counters, sinks, tub and
walls as well.
6. Seal Grout Lines - If you have tile, it is important to seal grout lines once a year. A
standard grout sealant is sufficient to prevent mold from growing in between the tiles.
7. Manage Household Humidity Levels - If your house is already humid, it is advisable to
use a dehumidifier or run the AC to help reduce the moisture in the air.

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By following these 7 easy tips, mold growth should reduce significantly. Remember - the best
way to fight mold is to keep the bathroom dry! By implementing the practices above, your
bathroom should continue to be a clean and healthy space to enjoy.

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