RANDOLPH, NJ—RHS celebrated a glamorous night as students in the fashion department displayed their pieces at the RHS Evening of Fashion on May 21 in the commons. Students in grades 9-12 presented their year-end projects through creative displays and having models wear their clothing.

“This is the culminating activity for all of the fashion students.  The students began creating the project work that is displayed and modeled at the Night of Fashion back in September explained Mrs. Petrucelli, who teaches fashion and design at RHS. Students in the RHS fashion program worked throughout the entire year on unique and intricate fashion pieces in preparation for their showcase. 

“The first year (Basic Fashion) students were each required to complete at least one 4’ x 6’ display panel and style and model the skirt that they had constructed.  The second year (Advanced Fashion) students were required to complete at least one 4’ x 8’ display panel and have two garments come down the runway,” Petrucelli added. Students at different levels of the program had their own challenging and fun project to execute, working extensively i school and at home to complete their pieces. 

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“The students that were part of this year’s Night of Fashion did a wonderful job on both their displays and their modeling. I am so proud of the work they produced,” Petrucelli added.

The Evening of Fashion is not just limited to students participating in the fashion program;  Petrucelli explained the other roles that students can have at the event, noting that “students that are not in the fashion program can offer to model for our more advanced designers or assist them in the preparation of their displays. In addition, members of our culinary arts program prepare and serve the refreshments every year. Students who are interested in cooking and pastry arts can take a culinary arts class and participate as a member of the ProStart Go! catering team under the direction of Mrs.GaNung.”

“Fashion is a creative outlet for many students. Our fashion program provides students with a variety of opportunities to learn and refine both design, garment construction and drawing skills as they relate to both the fashion industry and to the attainment of life long practical skills,” Petrucelli said in regard to why students should join the fashion program. Fashion and Design is offered as an elective to all RHS students. 

Editor's Note :Emma Halper is a freshamn at RHS paricipating in a journalism program.