RANDOLPH, NJ- Campbell’s Haunted Tours is a local legend in Randolph, NJ. Using an artful series of blind turns, double backs, and winding passages Campbell's Haunted Tours disorients their guests. Each tour has a personal guide to take them through the scenes from classic and modern horror films... and a few from the Campbell's personal imaginations. You'll step into a living nightmare as you make your way through the haunted house.

Scott Campbell discovered a love for theatrics in high school. But it wasn't until much later that that love evolved into a passion. After designing props for a Halloween party, Scott brought them home to decorate his family’s new house. They had just moved into their current home - directly across from Ironia Elementary School. The children that walked by on the way to school every day were fascinated! With the local children enjoying his work, Scott began adding to the scenes. 

A tour guide will guide groups of 8 to 12 guests through 13 scenes of unsuspected in your face scares. Each tour takes about 20 minutes.

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The tours nights will take place on October 18th, 19, 25, and 26th. Start time each night is 7 pm and the last tour ends at 11 pm. 

All nights are weather permitting. 

There is no charge but  they accept donations.