RANDOLPH, NJ- Randolph High School sophomore Ethan Humphrey created the Assigned! APP to help students keep track of their assignments.

He is off to San Jose, California to attend the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference June 4-8 with other APP developers from across the globe. Ethan received a scholarship to attend the conference after inventing his APP.

"The conference will help me with networking and will give me more experience in the field," he said. 

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Ethan said he created the APP to help students keep track of assignments and tests. "I have been working on it for two-three years," he said. It took him about 100 hours to design it, he noted. "I can make it work for any school."

So far about 100 users at Randolph High School use the APP.

Ethan told his history teacher Mr. Michael Lonie about his APP. "I could not be more excited for him," Mr. Lonie said.

Ethan said he would like to study cyber security possibly at MIT and then pursue a career in APP development.

For information on the Assigned! APP, please see below.


App: http://onelink.to/jm6cyh