RANDOLPH, NJ- After auditioning for 28 BFA Theatre Acting Concentration Programs and being accepted to 21 of them , Gillian C Grenz of Randolph accepted an offer to join the Inaugural BFA Program at the University of Alabama , Tuscaloosa .

A graduate of Morris County Vocational School of Technology Dance Academy , Grenz says the odds of getting into a program are 3% , even lower odds then getting into an Ivy League School (7%). BFAs are very structured programs and colleges want the caliber of students to be high as there is not much room for  traditional general education classes in the program . It was very gratifying then for  her to be published on UA's Deans List on Friday for Those achieving a GPA of 3.5 or better for Fall 2018. 

 For a school that prides itself on Football  and Greek life , the proposed Performing Arts center is looking like it can attract the best students . 50% of the students hail from out of state , with the Northeast making up the largest contingent in recent years . Ms Grenz has studied Dance , Acting , and Screenwriting and has performed at CCM, Delbarton , the Bickford Theatre and Marian Galloway Theatre , playing roles from Sam Shepard to Tennessee William heroines .

Grenz celebrates her Dance Academy friends successes, many following the BFA Dance and Theatre paths on both the East and West Coast and some signed to talent agencies and companies , also from Randolph and the local area.  She credits the high standards set by Morris County Vocational School of Technology faculty Ms. Lisa Peluso and Ms. Irene Fitzpatrick on teaching a craft and how to prepare for auditions, rejection , and ultimately, success. She has never worked harder, nor loved her passion as much.