MORRISTOWN, NJ  - Anna Thach, Grade 8, East Hanover Middle School, and Aliyah Ravin, Grade 11, Randolph High School, were selected as the winners of Mayo Performing Arts Center's annual student art cover contest.  

The winning works will appear on MPAC program book covers later this season, handed out at evening events. Approximately 10,000 will see their works on MPAC program book covers.

"Being the winner of this year's program is certainly an honor," Thach said. "When the arts have played such a significant role in my life, whether music or actual art or theatre, it's easy to really appreciate and acknowledge it."  

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"I am more than grateful for my piece to be selected," Ravin added. "It was amazing to see how others took the four words given to us and created such a variety of different pieces. Contests such as this one are extremely import to allow people to explore their mind and transfer it into art, but also for others to expand their imagination by seeing how others took the prompt."

Over 70 students from area schools participated in the contest. The winning entries were announced at a reception on Monday, Feb. 25, and all entries were on display in the MPAC's Art Upstairs Gallery through March 3. 

"The MPAC Program Art Contest is an incredibly wonderful program providing students with the opportunity of taking on the role of a graphic artist while designing a potential cover for MPAC's cultural presentations," said Mercedes Ingenito, Art Teacher, Randolph High School. "MPAC is extremely student and teacher friendly, treating our student artists with great respect and professionalism.  This is an event that I continue to look forward to each year while incorporating it within my curriculum as it provides such great real life experience for the students."   

"The MPAC Student Art Gallery Exhibit and Program Cover Art Contest have been an avenue of opportunity for East Hanover Middle School students for the past two years," said Cathy Shott, Art Teacher, East Hanover Middle School. "The theme: Imagine! Discover! Create! 'Celebrate the Arts,' is what I attempt to accomplish through our visual arts program on a daily basis. Students, using the elements and principles of art as their guide, turn basic concepts into personally relevant art. MPAC's supportive atmosphere has given art educators like myself the impetus to direct, as students imagine, experiment, practice, and grow through fostering self-expression. Viewing the individual artworks of so many talented young adults at the MPAC Gallery both enhances and supports the need for arts education."