RANDOLPH, NJ--The Randolph High School Speech and Debate Team successfully hosted the 30th Annual Randolph Classic for over 550 competitors from 33 schools. The tournament was held on November 16 at both Randolph High School and Randolph Middle School. 

The competitors have been preparing for multiple tournaments, such as this one, for several weeks. The competitors needed to either memorize their 8 to 10 minute speeches or prep for their debates and make sure that their own performances are presentable and clean.  

Randolph freshmen or new members on the Randolph team had the opportunity to compete in the tournaments as novices. 

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 To have a successful tournament, every team member needed to pitch in and help out. Members of the club had at least one if not several jobs to run the tournament. Whether it  was being a hallway monitor and directing people to where they needed to go, or being in tab room and organizing the competitors’ ballots. Some volunteers worked in the kitchen and served competitors. Randolph parents donated assorted sandwich platters to feed volunteer judges. 

Parents also volunteered to be the judges at the tournament , or they helped out with setting up the tournament. All of this is organized by the parent booster board. 

“I thought the tournament ran very, very well,”  said Peter Quinn, the coach of the Speech and Debate Team. “Thanks to our technology department, we were able to run our tournament 100% electronically with over 750 people on our network researching and writing judge decisions. Also thanks to our parents boosters. We were able to provide great food and a warm atmosphere to all of them. Many schools came from an hour or two away in Central Jersey and Pennsylvania, and we really enjoy the opportunity every year to show everyone what a high-quality experience Randolph can provide our Speech and Debate community. This is our thirtieth year hosting the Randolph Fall Classic. It’s an honor for our team to have thirty years under our belts of giving kids a chance to use their voices and learn how to speak and listen.” 

“The tournament is always a stressful time with missing judges, late schools, and competitor drama, but Randolph has a really good reputation for being a great tournament probably because we are able to hold it together, despite any mishaps that may occur,” stated Julia Yan, the co-president of the Speech and Debate Team. We have a great team with members who are willing to help and we have great coaches that organize everything and plan for any contingency.” 

 Randolph Speech and Debate team members are now preparing for future tournaments such as the Harvard Invitational tournament in Massachusetts. 

Speech and Debate website:  http://www.rhsforensics.org

Editor's Note : Sean Wattman is a student at RHS participating in a journalism program.