Randolph, NJ- It was reported that 10,020 Randolph residents cast a vote yesterday, plus 1622 so far in absentee ballots. There are 19,069 registered voters in Randolph; 5238 are registered democrats and 5656 registered republicans, 8175 are unaffiliated. Nothing is Official yet.

Mayor Mark Forstenhausler  expressed Wed. night, "The Team of Forstenhausler, Loveys, Potter, and Nisivoccia thank all Randolph voters, our supporters, and those who gave so much of themselves during this campaign.  While there are too many names to list, you know who you are. Thank You! At this time there are still a number of vote by mail and provisional ballots to count so results are not official. We are humbled by the tremendous turn-out of our supporters and hope to confirm official results soon. As we have done for many years, we will continue to put the best interests of Randolph Township first and look forward to continued service to our community."

JoAnn Claps, Randolph Democratic Chair, said,  "We would like to thank our supporters and volunteers.  Whether win, lose, or draw this has been an amazing and worthwhile experience.  We plan to contribute to the township in whatever capacity we can."

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The following is an "unofficial" breakdown of how Randolph residents voted on Election Day in the races outside of town.  The names listed in bold depict the overall winner for the state of NJ, while the numbers next to each name represent "Randolph vote totals" for each candidate. 


Robert Menendez : 4554

Bob Hugin: 4987

House of Rep, 11th Congressional District :

Mickie Sherrill: 5518

Jay Webber: 4128

County Clerk:

Ann F. Grossi: 4809

Shalini Gagliardi: 4534


Board if Chosen Freeholders: 

Mary Dougherty (D)  4689

Rupande Mehta (D)4534

 Richard Cocoran (D)4563

Deborah Smith  (R)  4718

John Krickis (R) 4628

Stephen Shaw (R)  4616


State Question #1: Securing Our Children's Future Bond Act
Yes: 3599

No : 3753

Sherrill is the first Democrat elected to represent the district since the mid-1980s, and the first woman to ever hold this seat.

Local Randolph election "Official" results are still being counted at this time and may take a day or two, as reported by the local clerk's office. About 1,622 absentee ballots are still not accounted for, as well as some provisional votes. A large number of voters who were still registered as absentee ballots from the last election were required to fill out a provisional form at the polls.  

The delay in the absentee ballots is because they can be postmarked as late as the actual date of the election, but no later.  Therefore, a ballot that was mailed on Monday or Tuesday might not be received until Thursday or Friday, depending on where it was mailed from.  

As of last night :