RANDOLPH, NJ- A group of 20 volunteers joined members of the Randolph Parks and Recreation Department on Saturday May 5 to help install new markings on the township trail system.  The signage installed included mileage markers and color-coded markers to identify specific trails.

“The major reason for having consistent signage and markings throughout the trail system are to aid users in knowing where they are on the trails and the distances to other locations,” said Director of Parks and Recreation Russ Newman.  “Another important reason is to aid first responders in knowing where to respond if there is an emergency on the trails.”

There had been different markers added to the trails in recent years, but they were not always consistent and became confusing, as there were a series of numbers, posts, and mileage markers that did not always tie into other sections of the trail system.

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“In general, Randolph trails are wide enough so that users know that they are on a trail, but not always ‘where’ they are,” said Newman.  “This is a consistent, easy to understand system that provides mileage from the central location of Freedom Park.”

Frank Pinto and Ben Spinelli, consultants for Greener By Design, (The firm hired to do the Trails Master Plan for Randolph) led the instructions for the volunteers on how and where to place the markers. Randolph Mayor Jim Loveys and Councilman Mark Forstenhausler were two of the volunteers who ventured out into the trails to help with installation.

“Volunteers are truly the ones who drive our programs forward,” said Newman.  “From volunteer planning committees, to installing these markers, to volunteers who report problems or clean up sections of trail, we would not be able to accomplish so much for the residents of Randolph without the help of so many people willing to give up their time to help others.”

Other Freedom Park upgrades were happening on the same day, as a crew was putting some of the final touches on the renovation of the Freedom Park basketball courts.  After having been torn-up and re-paved in the late Fall, new glass backboards, offset poles, and rims were installed.  

The surface then had to wait until warmer weather to be color coated. Lines will be the next step in the process.  The Parks department also put up fencing on the parking lot side of the courts to prevent balls from rolling into the parking lot.