RANDOLPH – An ordinance regulating portable storage containers was tabled at the Thursday, May 2, council meeting for further clarification.

Township Manager Stephen Mountain said the ordinance was in response to complaints about storage units on residential properties. Councilwoman Marie Potter asked if the containers included trailers which can be used to store motorcycles or ATVs. There is no mention of containers on wheels in the ordinance. Mayor James Loveys also noted that dumpsters for construction materials fit the definition in the ordinance.

Mountain said council could introduce the ordinance the way it is or table it for more discussion and council agreed it needed more work.

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Council had an easier time introducing an ordinance prohibiting the owners of single-family detached houses from renting them out for less than a 30-day period.

Councilwoman Joanne Veech asked why the ordinance applies only to detached homes and not townhouses. Loveys noted townhouse communities have strict regulations against many things and will probably prohibit short-term rentals as well. The public hearing will be held on Thursday, May 16.

Council adopted salary ordinances, including one for legislative, judiciary and executive employees and department heads. Top salaries include:  Township Manager, $182,070; Police Chief, $177,185; Chief Financial Officer, $132,600; Director of Parks/Recreation/Community Service, $122,000; Director of Public Works, $122,400, and Director of Health/Code Enforcement, $231,610.

Another salary ordinance sets the range of compensation for members of the teamsters collective. The ordinance set minim and maximum hourly wages and authorized the township manager to provide performance stipends.

Other ordinances appropriated money for capital improvements

The water/sewer capital improvement ordinance totals $260,000 for three projects. The sewer master plan will cost $60,000, the dogwood pump station $150,000 and the replacement of a vehicle, $50,000.

 A second capital ordinance appropriates $340,000, including $122,500 from the general capital improvement fund and $217,500 that is due from a New Jersey Department of Transportation grant. The funds will be used for improvements to Brookside Road.

 The road overlay program will affect 19 streets. Council adopted an ordinance appropriating $1,200,000 from the capital improvement fund for the overlays.

 Another $1,035,500 will go toward capital improvements for various departments: $140,000 for the rescue squad; $149,000 for the police department; $136,000 for the parks department; $310,000 for the fire department and $175,000 for municipally-owned property. In addition, the township will purchase a recycling cardboard compactor for $28,000, enact a retaining wall program for $50,000 and begin storm water repairs, $47,500.

 A bond ordinance was also adopted, appropriating $558,000 and authorizing the issuance of $506,350 in bonds or notes for various township projects. These include two new trucks for the Department of Public Works and the upgrade of existing equipment. The township will also purchase new equipment for the township Volunteer Fire Department.

 The last ordinance adopted by the committee appropriates $415,000 for recreation capital improvements at Brundage Park, Freedom Park, Heisteins Park and Randolph Park and for general improvements to trails and addition of artwork.