RANDOLPH, NJ- The Randolph Township Council held a special meeting on June 4 where they adopted a resolution denouncing bigotry, racism and discrimination.  Additionally, the Council announced a joint initiative with the Randolph Board of Education and the Morris County Human Relations Commission.

This represents a synopsis of the comments made by Mayor Carey at the start of that meeting:

Recent national events, specifically the killing of Mr. George Floyd, have ignited an outpouring of anger and rage among Americans and throughout the world.  This horrible incident once again has brought to our collective attention the longstanding presence of systemic racism in our society and the unequal treatment and bigotry experienced by many in America, specifically people of color, but certainly other groups as well. 

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Racism, hatred and bigotry unfortunately know no boundaries and on a local level, recent incidents that occurred in Randolph brought the issue close to home and reminded us of that.  

Tonight the Randolph Township Council wanted to hold this special meeting to voice our concerns.  We felt we needed to speak.  We did not want to remain silent on this matter.   Tonight, we stand together against racism and injustice.  The resolution up for consideration tonight is not perfect.  Could it be more eloquent?  Absolutely?  Some people will say it’s just words.  Well, words can be just words, or they can be something more – a call to action.

We are deeply aware that problems exist in our community as they do elsewhere.  Randolph is not unique.  We know we have work to do, and we are united in our commitment to address these issues. 

Therefore, the Randolph Township Council and the Randolph Board of Education have agreed to work together on a joint initiative that will first assess and gain a deeper understanding of the issues facing our community, with respect to racism, hatred and bigotry and then develop a plan aimed at addressing these challenges and bringing our community together. 

In order to accomplish this, we realize we don’t have all the answers.  We need assistance from people with expertise.  Therefore, we have reached out and enlisted the support of the Morris County Human Relations Commission.  I am very happy to say they have agreed to help us.  This group has a goal to actively encourage, develop, promote and strengthen respect for human rights and cultural diversity among the people of Morris County.  They have agreed to guide us and advise us as we navigate a process that we believe will result in a stronger Randolph community. 

The process has not yet been mapped out, but I envision that it will include focus groups and deep discussions with multiple groups of residents that will inform policies, procedures and programs to advocate for acceptance and equality in Randolph. More details will be shared in the coming days and weeks as further planning develops and unfolds. Tonight, I wanted to announce the joint initiative and assure residents that the Randolph Township Board of Education and the Randolph Township Council will be working collaboratively to strengthen and unify the community.

The Resolution that was unanimously adopted by the Randolph Township Council on June 4 is below and can be found at https://www.randolphnj.org/pdf/resolution_149-20.pdf. and is Below:






WHEREAS, the inherent dignity and equality of all people is a central guiding principle of our society; and 


WHEREAS, it is a fundamental precept that we respect the dignity of all persons; and


WHEREAS, recent incidents reflecting the existence of racism, bigotry, discrimination and hatred in our country and in Randolph Township are deeply disturbing, offensive, and in conflict with our values; and


WHEREAS, these behaviors harm our country, our community and all individuals by sending a message that certain individuals are not treated with justice and equality and may therefore feel unsafe, threatened or unwelcome; and

WHEREAS, all persons must speak out and reject all forms of racism, bigotry, discrimination and hatred directed at any and all people; and


WHEREAS we must be united in speaking out and rejecting hate, bigotry, racism and discrimination in all forms;  


NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Mayor and Council of the Township of Randolph strongly condemn all forms of hatred, bias, racism, bigotry and discrimination.  We support and encourage universal respect for all people.  We confirm an unwavering commitment to confront these challenges in our community.