RANDOLPH, NJ- Last week, the Randolph Township Council met to discuss updates on the Veterans Community Park, as well as introducing two ordinances.

Township Manager Steve Mountain reported some good news regarding the Veterans Community Park. “After months of process and negotiations, reached a resolution to a tender agreement for the Veterans Community Park project,” Mountain said.

The original contractor had gone into default, and a new contractor has been selected to pick up the project. Steve Mountain also added, “At this point, we are satisfied that the agreement not only covers all the requisite areas of obligation, but also the take-over contractor has provided a responsible approach to the completion of the project.”

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The two ordinance introductions followed the Manager’s Report.

The first ordinance is No. 23-19, which is the acceptance of the dedication of Block 47, Lot 7.30 on the Randolph Township tax map. The area that the land occupies is bordering Quail Run, the curved area. Randolph Township has accepted the dedication “for purposes of recreation and open space,” as the ordinance notes.

The second ordinance that was introduced was No. 24-19, which is an amendment of “No Parking Certain Hours, of Chapter 31,” as it is referenced in the ordinance. Complains from residents have come in to the Township of Randolph concerning parking on Oak Lane, Deepdale Drive, Twilight Street, Foxwood Lane, and Mohawk Place.

Originally, the ordinance prohibited parking in those areas between 7am to 3pm, however, the amendment essentially adjusts the parking restrictions on the aforementioned streets. The restrictions are outlined below:

Oak Lane: Parking is prohibited from 7am-4pm when school is in session

Deepdale Drive: Parking is prohibited along the south side of Deepdale Drive, between Evergreen Lane and Twilight Street between the hours of 7am-8:30am and 2:30pm-4pm when school is in session

Twilight Street: Parking is prohibited on the east side of the street, from 7am-8:30am and 2:30pm-4pm when school is in session

Foxwood Lane: Parking is prohibited on the north side of the street, between Twilight Street and the west end of Foxwood Lane

Mohawk Place: Parking is prohibited on the north side of the length of the street, from 7am-4pm when school is in session.

The ordinance also notes, “The parking restriction for Mohawk Place is suspended during voting for primary elections and general elections.”