RANDOLPH, NJ - Township Manager Stephen Mountain presented his 2018 goals to the council and public which included overseeing trail improvements, the completion of the retaining wall project, the design and construction of the new park on Calais Road, and several other large projects throughout the township.

Mountain does “anticipate accomplishing the majority of these goals in the coming year,” but some goals represent a portion of multi-year objectives.

Water and sewer improvements are “critical for the long range plan,” Mountain said, but will take place over several years. Phase three of the Butterworth Project, which is currently in the bidding process, will include a sewer pump station and installation of sewer lines in Old Shunpike Road, Nuko Terrace, Carellen Place and Jason Lane.

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Mountain explained that he will be working with the engineering department for the first of three phases of the Meadowbrook Road water main project, as well.

The EA Porter Site Remediation has been in discussion for many years, and “the goal is to have the contract awarded for the site redevelopment phase of the project by late winter 2018,” Mountain said. He also updated the council during Thursday’s meeting on this project, stating they may need to adjust the agreement with Habitat for Humanity due to difficult design constraints.

The implementation of the Trails Master Plan will be a high-profile goal, as the process received extensive input from the community, Mountain detailed. He will work to advance the first year goals of the Master Plan.

Mountain also plans to work with non-profit Transoptions to “initiate a study of the community’s public transportation and community needs/ challenges.” He suggested that improvements to commuting options will increase economic development in the town, as well as maintain home values.

The final priority mentioned to the council will be based on the anticipated action on the Affordable Housing Declaratory Judgment. He will “continue to support the Town’s position…. nd come up with a strategy to meet the obligation put on us by the state judicial system.”

The other goals include:

  • 2018 Budget -- Mountain’s goal for the budget remains the same as previous year, “including establishing a spending plan that balances the community’s short and long term needs.”

  • 90 Acres/ Calais Park -- While the township awaits a final name for the new park, “the goal is to have the project completed by the end of 2018.”

  • Economic Development -- Working with the Planning/Zoning Administrator and the Economic Development Committee, Mountain will support “pending development/ redevelopment projects in the community, including the Shoppes at Randolph, Mark’s Corner and former Kmart plaza properties.”

  • Cell Tower -- Mountain provided an update on this project, explaining Verizon Wireless has caused the delay in executing their agreement. He will begin a new bid process to attract other wireless carriers, with the goal to move “toward construction by the end of 2018.”

  • Employee Negotiations -- Mountain began negotiations for new collective bargaining agreements with the Teamster’s Union, Randolph Supervisory Employee Association, and Randolph Employee Association to be executed in early 2018.

  • Morris County -- The Comb’s Hollow Road bridge replacement project was delayed when the State Historic Preservation Office reviewed the plans, Mountain states in his goals. The project is scheduled to move ahead in 2018, along with design work for improvements to the Center Grove- Quaker Church intersection.

  • Mount Freedom Park Turf Fields -- The existing turf field at Mount Freedom Park has reached the end of its useful life, Mountain said. The township also plans to install a new turf field within the same canopy of light, breaking ground in June 2018 with a completion date of early fall.

  • Shongum Lake Dredging Project -- In 2017 the council approved “partnering with Shongum Lake Homeowner’s Association on a loan application for a partial dredging of Shongum Lake.” Mountain reported preliminary approval had been received, and he anticipates final approval in 2018. He will be working with all involved parties to complete any procedural steps moving the project forward.

  • Retaining Wall Improvements -- In 2015, the council approved a revised approach to wall replacement, and the next phase will be initiated in early 2018.

  • NJDOT/Route 10 -- While the planned improvements for Route 10 intersections are not schedule for several years, Mountain plans to continue his communication with NJDOT to “ensure the town’s input on the project is reflected in the final design plan.”

  • Municipal Building -- Mountain will work with staff and a design consultant to analyze the future space needs of the police headquarters, with the analysis to be completed by the end of 2018.

  • Municipal Phone System -- “I have assembled a team of staff to review present and future telecommunication needs,” Mountain describes in his goals. Councilman Mike Guadagno added that the system needs to be replaced, not patched.