RANDOLPH, NJ- The Randolph Township Council held their bi-weekly meeting last week.

Randolph Township Manager Stephen Mountain provided an update on the Veterans Community Park project. Mountain mentioned, “We’ve been provided information from several sources, that our general contractor for the Veterans Community Park project is having financial difficulties and may be going out of business.” The official status of the contractor has yet to be confirmed, and Randolph Township is preparing documents to declare the contractor in default.

Councilwoman Joanne Veech asked, “From their [contractor] part, how long do they have, per our contract, to be silent on this issue?” Mountain confirmed that the contractor has two days to notify Randolph Township, regarding their status.

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Mountain also added that John Herald, who owns a local business – John Herold Jewlers – had expressed interest in spearheading a seasonal decoration project.

Herald already spoke to the power company, as well as other businesses in the area about the idea. His business, as well as others, would come together and purchase decorations that would be hung from utility poles in the area of Sussex Turnpike, near Acme. The Randolph Township Council would just need to get the proper approvals from namely the power company and Verizon, to put the infrastructure on the polls. This would include mounting materials, as well as additional electrical materials, as the decorations would light up.

“If there would be any cost at all to the municipality, it would be to assist with the actual hanging of the decorations, which I think is a reasonable contribution,” the Randolph Township Manager said. “Also, if there is a desire for the town to sponsor a decoration, or two, they run about $250 per decoration.”

A question was raised regarding who would select the decorations, but Mountain added that they had not gotten that far in discussions as of yet.

During the individual updates segment of the meeting, the following items were discussed:

Joanne Veech mentioned she attended a meeting with the parks department and they have been working on fixing some of the trails that were partially eroded or flooded after all the recent rain we have had.  She also mentioned that some residents have complained that the wooden equipment at the dog park is old and has splinters, and the location ( close proximity to the shooting range ) is less than ideal.

Veech said, “at this point, the committee still wants to think about what to do, because it was not part of the parks Master Plan.”

Veech also added a report on Randolph Park, mentioning, “because the water at the lake is good, everybody seems to be coming out, so it is going ‘gang-busters’.” A spray-park was also installed at the beach, in addition to swim lanes and new sand that was delivered. The water has been treated for algae, and many repairs have been completed at the park.

Veech made the remark that “Randolph Lake has really been looking the best it has looked in a long time.”

Mayor James Loveys concluded the meeting by mentioning that he had attended a meeting at Resurrection Parish. The presentation was geared toward various religious institutions in town, with regard to security and active-shooter scenarios. The Randolph Police Department had three representatives that were present at those meetings as well.