RANDOLPH, NJ- With four officially confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Randolph Township, residents are clamoring to know as much information as possible.

Unfortunately, the Township cannot provide any additional information about the individuals beyond what was provided in the release due to HIPAA regulations and privacy concerns.  The State Department of Health is reviewing all such releases and the information released about the cases is what they approved.

However, the Randolph Township Health Department is conducting “Contact Tracing” which means re-tracing the steps of where the individuals may have been and with whom they had direct contact.  The individuals who need to be notified will be contacted by Randolph’s Public Health Nurses.  It is a challenging and time-consuming process, but they are working diligently at it. 

The Township has advised that members of the Randolph community who are concerned should follow the same suggestions made up to this point.  Follow all the precautions provided by the CDC, and if anyone is concerned about how they are feeling they should contact their primary doctor.  The doctor will be able to advise them based upon what they are feeling whether they should get tested.