RANDOLPH, NJ- Randolph Boy Scout Troop 109 member Pierce Laing decided to use his Eagle Scout project to improve an important part of Freedom Parks' facilities by installing a new flagpole near the turf fields.

“I got the Idea for the project last October when I was on the football field for a game (I play for the Bulldogs) and during the National Anthem I realized you could not see the flagpole from the middle of the field,” said Laing.  “Also, I noticed that the flagpole was not lit at night and was leaning toward the field by a few feet. I chose to combine my love of Scouts, football and national pride into my Eagle Scout project.”

Laing, currently a 7th grader at Randolph Middle School, has put in approximately 325 hours in the project thus far. The flagpole will have a light on top to illuminate the flag at night time, as is proper flag etiquette. 

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To get his idea off the ground, Laing had to do a presentation in front of the Parks and Recreation Committee and have a meeting with Director Russ Newman.  Laing also had to do a project proposal for the Scouts BSA and visit several local businesses to get donations to help fund the project.   

“I had to personally raise two thousand dollars for my project, and I spent time going to local businesses to ask for donations,” said Laing.  “The project in total cost will be approximately $3,250 and I will have some left over to donate to the Bulldogs Youth Football team.

Randolph Twp. purchased the flag and pole, Curley Stone donated pavers, RP Smith and Son donated edge and poly sand materials. Laing also built two 7 ft. benches with commemorative coach plaques that will be placed on either side of the flagpole.