RANDOLPH, NJ- Randolph has always prioritized the social, emotional, and mental well-being of all students. Although the buildings may be closed, our school counseling and mental health professionals continue to remain accessible to help students who may be struggling during this uncertain time. For students with anxiety and depression, the district has remained extra sensitive to ensure that the individual needs of each child are being met. In addition to utilizing technology, our mental health teams have also devised creative strategies to ensure that every student feels supported.

Overcoming Anxiety Student Independence Support (OASIS) is a program at Randolph High School and Randolph Middle School designed to help students with anxiety. Colleen Huguenin, Amy Eva, and Linda McGovern who are all a part of the district’s mental health team wanted to make sure these students in particular felt additional support. On March 21, they drove to OASIS student‘s homes with signs and music.

According to Ms. Huguenin, “We wanted to let our students know how much they were missed and to have real contact and connection.” The reactions from students and parents was overwhelmingly positive with one parent sharing that the thoughtful gesture made their child smile all day.

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Director of Special Services Walter Curioni added, “Randolph is fully invested in the mental health of our families, staff, and students. This commitment is even more important during the pandemic. I am incredibly proud of our staff for their willingness to connect with students remotely and in this case with families and students in a safe and creative way. Randolph has bonded as a community and I am blessed to be part of the effort.”

The schools will continue to find new and innovative ways to support our students and learning community. As students continue to adjust to this new normal, our mental health team advises that parents put their child on a schedule and daily routine. In addition to resources provided directly by the district, parents can also access programs in Morris County.


Counselors are also available every day: