RANDOLPH, NJ--Last week, Randolph High School students displayed impressive participation levels during the annual school Spirit Week. The majority of students appeared to be as devoted as ever, competing against students in other grade levels and participating as much as they could.

The daily themes for the week were as follows: Monday was Sleep-In Day, where students and staff wore pajamas to school; Tuesday was Clash Day; Wednesday was State Day, where each grade level was assigned a state to represent: the freshmen were Maine, the sophomores were Alaska, the juniors were Florida, and the seniors were Hawaii. Thursday was Movie Day, where the freshmen conveyed Wall-E; the sophomores, The Lion King; the juniors, Remember the Titans, and the seniors, Miracle. Friday was Ram Pride Day, where the freshmen and seniors wore blue, and the sophomores and juniors wore white.

“Spirit week is being a part of something that is bigger than yourself,” senior Stephanie Lin said. “It unifies each grade against all the others.” Participation percentages for each grade level were announced at the end of each day, adding to the competitive energy in the school. With the exception of the first day, the senior class had the highest daily averages the last four days.

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“It’s hard for me to believe that this was my final spirit week at RHS,” senior Caleigh Lawlor noted. “Some of my favorite memories were made during Spirit Week, and it will always hold a special place in my heart. Storming the field for the first and last time was a memory of my class I’ll never forget.”

The senior class of 2020 was bound to get emotional over their final Spirit Week. It was an event that students will forever cherish as they continue their lives beyond high school.

“The sense of family and unity among our grade and the pride and celebration of how far we’ve come was what made it so surreal,” senior Michael Papayianis said.

Although it was an emotional week, it was also an exciting way to bring all of the grades together in some friendly competition. Students were clearly ready to show their school spirit, and they seemed excited to dress up for their favorite day.

While the seniors won for the overall week, the future of Spirit Week seems promising as the freshmen participated to an impressive degree. Having defeated the seniors on day one and winning events at Friday’s pep rally, the freshmen showed their potential for continuing the competitive nature of the week.

At the end of the week, rankings were based on class participation percentages over the course of the week. Seniors ended the week in first place, freshman in second, Juniors in third, and sophomores in fourth.

Editors' Note : Javi Cortes and Laura Lucivero are students participating in a journalism program at Randolph High School.