RANDOLPH, NJ - Randolph High School’s club “Team Harmony” took a trip to New York City to celebrate their year of hard work.

The first stop of the trip was to the “Museum of Jewish Heritage- A Living Memorial to the Holocaust.” Students were given a tour of the museum and gained insight on the tragic events that took place throughout the Holocaust. This experience gave the group members an opportunity to observe artifacts and deepen their understanding concerning a significant topic that affects individuals world-wide.

The next stop was at the “Apollo Theatre” where a show was viewed that provided a more uplifting experience, promoting and celebrating different cultures and equality. Throughout the performance, individuals presented various talents that were then voted on by the audience based on the loudness of their applause for each act.

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When asked what made her decide to plan such an elaborate trip, Mrs. Holloway said, “I think it is important for us to immerse ourselves into a diverse setting and I especially thought that the Apollo Theatre would have an eclectic mix of talents from old people and young people of different talents that the students would enjoy”. In asking Gary Dong, the advisor of the club if he believed that everyone had a good time, he responded, “Although it was an emotional roller coaster going from the Jewish Heritage Museum to the Apollo Theatre, I believe that the stops we made were worth it and that everyone enjoyed themselves”. 

A member of the club, Sophie Difusco, spoke for all of the other attendees. When asked if she enjoyed the trip Sophie answered, “I loved the trip and had an extremely fun time in the city with my co-club members. I especially loved the show at the Apollo because it was really cool to be on the set of something that is such a big deal”. Clearly enjoyed by all the club members, the Team Harmony trip was a hit.

 The trip correlated with the Team Harmony mission, which is to enforce equality and love among everyone. In asking Sophie how she thought the trip correlated to the Team Harmony objective, she said, “Because we are an anti-bullying club, I thought seeing the Jewish Heritage Museum which promoted awareness of the Holocaust portrayed values of equality, like the ones we always promote”. The  trip coordinators made sure that after a long year of hard work through the club, the members were rewarded in an educational yet fun way.

Editor's Note : Hannah Boyer and Olivia Cancilla are students at RHS participating in a journalism program.