​Diesel is the sweetest dog you will ever find! He is about 3- 3 1/2 years old and weighs about 42-45. He had a nice family and home in NC until his family moved and couldn’t take him. How someone could leave this sweet dog behind is unbelievable. His family stated he is a Canaan mix, the vet thought he was a Mountain Fiest mix, but he seems to have the personality of a retriever/pointer mix. Whatever breed he is, he is super sweet!! ​

This is what his foster family has to say:

Diesel's favorite activity is cuddling and loving his people! Diesel is very gentle with my young children and he is good with other dogs. This good boy is very well behaved… not a barker, not destructive, not anxious or messy in any way. He has a laid back personality and doesn’t let anything bother him. When he is walking on the leash and other dogs are barking at him, he doesn’t care. We are doing work on our home and there are a lot of workers and lots of noise and he doesn’t care! He is amazing! Diesel loves running in the yard, playing with toys, especially tennis balls and playing fetch. He is so cute when he tosses his toy up in the air and catches it!! Diesel already knows the commands….”sit”, “no”, “drop it”, he sleeps through the night without having accidents and he is doing great with house training. When this sweet pup sees a squirrel or birds he will lift his leg and put his tail straight out to point. He is a happy pup who walks with a wiggle and has a tail that does not stop wagging!!’ This boy knows he’s been rescued and acts like it. ​

If you have a furever home for this pet, please e-mail Furever Home Dog Rescue at FureverHomeDogRescue@gmail.com and request an adoption application. ​