Randolph Township has adopted its 2020 municipal budget.  I am very happy to report that for the fourth consecutive year, the municipal tax levy has not increased.  This is great news for Randolph residents and is a result of many years of good financial planning and management, a stable assessment base and the Township’s strict adherence to conservative fiscal policies and decision-making. 

Residents often ask me how their tax money is used.  I would like to provide a top line overview here, but for further information, the detailed budget is posted on the Randolph Township website at www.randolphnj.org.

One important point to remember is that even though residents pay their property taxes to Randolph Township, the majority of the total tax payment is collected by the Township on behalf of other government entities.  About 70% of your tax bill is collected for the Randolph Board of Education and approximately 10% of your tax bill is collected for the Morris County government body.  

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The remaining portion of your tax bill is allocated as follows:

  • Randolph Library Tax - 1.35%
  • Randolph Open Space/Recreation Tax - 0.82%
  • Randolph Township Municipal Taxes – 17.45%

Randolph Library Tax – This tax represents 1.35% of your total tax bill and is mandated by state law to provide a minimum level of funding to maintain our municipal library.  These tax funds are used for the operation of the library, including staffing payroll and benefits, books, materials, furnishings, supplies and programming.  The Randolph Library is governed by a Board of Trustees that provides oversight.  The Library tax impact on the average assessed home in Randolph is approximately $171 annually.

Randolph Open Space and Recreation Tax – This tax represents less than 1% of your total tax bill.  It was approved by Randolph residents through referendum in 1992 in order to provide dedicated funds to acquire land that would remain undeveloped to benefit the community and to build and maintain parks and places for recreation to enhance residents’ quality of life.  For example Veterans’ Community Park, currently under construction on Calais Road, is being funded through the Open Space and Recreation Tax.  The impact of this tax on the average assessed home in Randolph is approximately $102 annually.

Randolph Township Municipal Taxes – The remaining, approximately 17.45% of your tax bill, is used to fund all operating costs and capital expenses associated with the Randolph Township municipal organization and deliver all services to Randolph residents.  The impact of the municipal tax levy on the average assessed home in Randolph is approximately $2203 annually.  

Approximately 30% of these funds, are used to pay salaries and benefits to the staff who work for Randolph Township throughout all departments:


·       Engineering, Planning and Zoning

·       Finance, Tax Collector, Tax Assessor

·       Fire Prevention

·       Health and Code Enforcement, Animal Control

·       Municipal Court Administration

·       Police and Public Safety

·       Public Works

·       Parks, Recreation & Community Services

·       Town Manager and Clerk Administration

·       Water and Sewer

These dedicated professionals are responsible for delivering all of the high quality services that we receive in Randolph.  It’s important to note that the 2020 budget does not include funding for any increase in staffing. 

In addition to salaries and benefits, funds from the annual budget are used to pay utilities, such as electricity, heating and phone services, along with maintenance and improvements for Township-owned buildings. Of course, the budget provides funds for all of the equipment and supplies used throughout the Township, including items ranging from office supplies, furniture, and uniforms to asphalt, rock salt, generators, and even mannequins used by the Rescue Squad for training purposes.  The budget also includes funds to support services from outside contractors such as weekly curbside pickup of garbage, biweekly curbside collection of recyclables, and to support local 911 county emergency dispatch services.  The Township also owns many vehicles that need to be fueled, maintained and replaced when necessary.  The 2020 budget includes funding for 2 new police cars, lawn mowers, utility vehicles, a street sweeper and an ambulance.  In addition, the 2020 municipal budget includes almost $1 million for road paving and improvements.

As you can see, your tax dollars are used to support all the services you receive as residents and the people who deliver them.  I am very proud of the strong fiscal management and oversight of our tax dollars in Randolph.