RANDOLPH, NJ- The 145 miles of roads that wind throughout Randolph are important to all of us as we travel each day to work, to school and everywhere else we need to go.  Have you ever wondered who maintains these roads?  How is it determined which roads are resurfaced and when?  Who is responsible for ice and snow removal?

Overall, the roads in Randolph are maintained by the combined efforts of the State of New Jersey, Morris County and Randolph Township, with the vast majority of the responsibility falling on our local municipal organization.

There are 6 miles of State Highway Route 10 that run through Randolph.  Route 10 is the only state road in Randolph and it is maintained by the State of New Jersey.  

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Another 20 miles of roads, including Sussex Turnpike, portions of Canfield Avenue, Millbrook Avenue, Center Grove Road, Schoolhouse Road and others, are county roads that are maintained by Morris County.  

The remaining 119 miles of roads that run throughout Randolph are the responsibility of Randolph Township.  Maintaining these roads is a high priority for the Township.

Over the summer months, you probably noticed many road resurfacing projects being completed throughout town.  Each year, the Department of Public Works (DPW) conducts a thorough assessment of all Randolph Township roads. The roads are inspected, evaluated and ranked according to their need for repair.  A cost for each road repair project is also estimated based on the length of the road, the cost of materials, labor costs, etc.  As part of the annual budgeting process, the Town Council allocates overall funding for road improvements.  The amount of funding allocated ultimately determines how many of the projects can be completed each year.  The funding is allocated to the projects beginning with those most in need until the funding is exhausted.

In 2017, the Council allocated $1 million for road resurfacing projects which allowed for 28 different road projects to be completed.  The projects are put out to bid and the majority of the work is done during the summer months.  Each year the roads are re-evaluated so that the ranking of roads needing repairs is updated based on current conditions.  In the last several years, the Town Council has increased funding for road repair projects and has been paying for the projects on a cash basis, rather than incurring long-term debt.  This saves taxpayers money.

During the winter season, the DPW is also very busy maintaining Randolph Township roads by diligently removing snow and ice to keep roads open whenever possible.   The DPW monitors weather forecasts and often pretreats roads before an imminent storm with a mixture of an agricultural-based product, salt brine and granular salt.  This pretreatment helps to keep the snow and ice from bonding to the road surface and melts a small amount of snow.  Once a snowstorm has begun, the DPW also treats the roads, but with a different product that melts snow and ice for longer periods of time and is effective well into the negative temperatures. Of course, when the snow accumulation warrants, the DPW works long hours plowing the roads with their fleet of 35 vehicles and pieces of equipment.       

Thanks to the outstanding work of many, Randolph residents can enjoy the well-maintained network of roads in Randolph.

As always, please contact me at ccarey@randolphnj.org if you have any questions or concerns.


Chris Carey