RANDOLPH, NJ- I think we can all agree that Randolph Township is a wonderful, vibrant community in which to live, work, and play.  This is true for so many reasons, not the least of which is the many quality of life amenities our community has to offer including; the excellent school system; the rural feel with its many active parks, trail system, lakes, and vast amount of open space; its accessibility to major interstate highways, train stations, and airports; and the services and conveniences offered by our businesses.  Whether you were born and raised here, or newly arrived, it is a wonderful place to call home.

In focusing on what makes Randolph so great, it is sometimes easy to forget one of the other cornerstones to our community’s quality of life, public safety.  Obviously, at the forefront of safety and security is our Randolph Township Police Department, which on a daily basis serves to protect life and property, and maintains public order.

However, there is another group of unsung men and women from our community who serve an equally important role in keeping us safe, our volunteer Randolph Fire Department and Rescue Squad.  It is these individuals that I would like to highlight in this article; our friends and neighbors who dedicate their lives as volunteers to protect and serve our town.

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The Randolph Fire Department is comprised of approximately 130 members, each associated with one of four firehouses located strategically throughout the township.  Our volunteers are also members of each of their respective firehouse’s Association, which owns the firehouse and assumes responsibility for its repair, maintenance, and operating costs.  The township, through its annual budget, supplies the Department with the necessary fire apparatus and safety equipment as well as funds for thousands of volunteer hours required for specialized and technical training.

During my time on the council I’ve witnessed there is much more to the Department’s duty than its first priority of fire suppression and the protection of life and property.  Our volunteers provide:

  • Extrication services
  • Ice rescue teams
  • Fire Code enforcement
  • Assistance with carbon monoxide calls and flooded basements
  • Assistance with clean-up efforts following natural disasters
  • Educational opportunities for our residents and children, and much more.

Our Randolph Rescue Squad, now in its 52nd year of service to our community, is comprised of approximately 30 volunteer members and is located on Rt 10 West.  Like our fire department, the rescue squad assumes responsibility for operational, repair, and maintenance costs of its facility.  Its fleet of ambulances, support vehicles, and equipment are funded through the municipal capital budget.

The squad provides basic life support services to our community during weekdays from 6pm - 6am and around the clock service on weekends and holidays.  Many thousands of volunteer hours are spent each year responding to nearly 800 emergency calls, providing transport service to local hospitals, attending training classes, performing administrative functions, providing educational opportunities for our residents and our children, and standing by ready to respond whether it be at a fire call or a community or school event.   Daytime weekday (6am – 6pm) emergency medical services are provided through a contract with Saint Claire’s/Prime Healthcare. 

We are blessed to have so many dedicated and committed volunteers who selflessly give of themselves for the betterment and safety of our community.  Please consider joining one of these organizations.  They welcome new members.  Our volunteer fire department and rescue squad are incredible assets.  It is comforting to know their services are only a phone call away.

Please support our volunteer first responders by attending the various fundraising events held at our firehouses, or responding to the annual requests for donations we all receive from our Randolph Rescue Squad and area firehouse.  By doing so we allow them to continue to provide these vital services. 

As always, reach out to me or any other council member with questions or concerns.  My cell phone number is 201-400-6747 and email address is jloveys@randolphnj.org.    Enjoy the remainder of the summer season and be safe!

Sincerely, Jim Loveys - Mayor