ROXBURY, NJ – A plan to create a Walmart “Supercenter” in Ledgewood entails more than just retrofitting and expanding the current structure. It will require starting from scratch, according to public records.

In documents filed with the Roxbury Planning Board, developers converting the former Ledgewood Mall into The Shops at Ledgewood Commons said the current Walmart would be demolished.

It would be replaced with a 164,000-square-foot structure, a building that would be about 42,000 square feet bigger than the existing Walmart, according to the plans.

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The new Walmart supercenter would be a stand-alone store, not connected in any way with the other buildings at Ledgewood Commons, the plans show. They depict a roadway between the Walmart and the other retail units, one that would connect the main parking lot with another parking lot on the Righter Road side.

Give and Take

The plans depict substantial changes to the Ledgewood Commons design that received Planning Board approval in 2017. One big modification appears to be the elimination of an enclosed, 4,466-square-foot walkway through the center of the structure that was added, at the request of the planning board, to connect the front and rear parking lots.

Additionally, the enlargement of the Walmart will decrease the number of adjacent retail space, according to the plans. Before the supercenter was proposed, the plans showed 260,842 square feet of divided space; the new plans show that space to be 174,115 square feet.

The demolition of the current Walmart follows that of a structure at Ledgewood Mall that once housed a Macy’s department store. Rubble from that razing, which remains at the site, is expected to be used as material for future construction, according to the developers.

It does not appear the supercenter plan will change other proposed work at the shopping center. The plans still show four retail units in the structure that once housed The Sports Authority and three more adjacent retail or restaurant units. They also still show seven other freestanding structures including three restaurants.

The metamorphosis of The Ledgewood Mall into The Shops at Ledgewood Commons is projected to be finished in 2020.

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