RANDOLPH, NJ- Recently, the Randolph Township Police Department has experienced some thefts of outgoing mail from mailboxes around the township.

Outgoing mail is being stolen from mailboxes in an attempt to locate checks in order to facilitate check washing fraud. Check washing is a process of erasing or altering details from a check so they can be rewritten for criminal purposes. Some pens make this process much more difficult to achieve given the actual ink the pen uses.

Residents can help limit the potential of becoming a victim by placing your outgoing mail in your mailbox shortly before you expect the mail carrier to arrive or by dropping the mail off at the post office during the day while open. Never leave outgoing mail in your mailbox overnight or for extended periods. Also, never drop off mail at the post office during the overnight hours.

Lastly, please report all suspicious people and vehicles in your neighborhood looking into mailboxes when the activity occurs.