RED BANK, NJ: TAPinto Red Bank posed a series of questions to the candidates running for borough council.  Their responses are to provide the residents insight on their personal background as well as their views on issues and the future of Red Bank.

TAPinto Red Bank will offer the responses of all the candidates this week.

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Red Bank Council Democratic incumbent candidate Erik Yngstrom responses:

TAPinto:  Tell us about yourself, where you grew up, your family life and how long you’ve been living in Red Bank

Yngstrom:  I grew up in Freehold Township where my father was a union electrician and my mother was a registered nurse.  I graduated from Monmouth University and Duquesne University Law School and moved to Red Bank seven years ago.  

I am a partner in the Lomurro Law Firm in Freehold, where I represent individuals in workers’ compensation, personal injury, and municipal offense matters.

TAPinto: Why are you running for Borough Council?

Yngstrom:  I am running for Borough Council because I love Red Bank and want to see it continue to thrive as one of the best small towns in America.  I want to continue moving forward on infrastructure projects that make Red Bank better, like the completion of Bellhaven Nature Preserve, the overhaul of Marine Park, and the acceleration of Red Bank’s road replacement program.

TAPinto: What are the most significant issues that Red Bank is facing and what are your positions on those issues?

Yngstrom:  The most important issue facing Red Bank is the climbing real estate market and what that means for our town’s redevelopment, and what Red Bank will look like in the future.  That’s why I voted to create the Red Bank Redevelopment Agency that appointed numerous qualified residents to review redevelopment proposals before they leave the drawing board.  My position is that residents should decide what Red Bank looks like, not politicians.

TAPinto:  What policies, procedures, and Borough ordinances will you, if elected, advocate to be changed, and what changes do you suggest?  What is your first priority?

Yngstrom:  Pedestrian and bicyclist safety should be a top priority of Red Bank’s government.  As initial steps, I pushed to include pedestrian safety initiatives in our road replacement programs, and I changed the Borough’s policy to install larger traffic control signs like those in Asbury Park.  

Having lots of foot traffic throughout town is vital to our local businesses.  More crosswalks with flashing lights should be implemented in heavily trafficked areas like the ones on Maple Avenue and on East Front Street in front of the hospital.  

Most importantly, I support our local police and their enhanced efforts to ensure that drivers obey the rules of the road.

TAPinto: Why should the voters elect you to the Borough Council?

Yngstrom:  Voters should re-elect me to the Borough Council because I have brought reform-minded governance to Red Bank.  As I promised during the 2016 campaign, as a Councilman, I voted to completely overhaul the Borough government through a Management Enhancement Analysis, hired a new Borough Administrator, and hired a new Borough CFO.  Red Bank now conducts business far differently than when I took office three years ago.  I hope that voters will give me another term to continue these reforms.

TAPinto: If you have any additional comments, please include them here:

Yngstrom:  VOTE HORGAN & YNGSTROM FOR RED BANK BOROUGH COUNCIL 2019! For more information, please visit

Candidate debates are scheduled for Thursday, October 24th, 7:00pm at the River Street Commons, 49 Catherine Street, Red Bank.

To see the Red Bank District map, click HERE.

For voter information showing where you should vote, click HERE.

The General Election will be held on Tuesday, November 5th, 2019.

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