Gift of Fun

Would you like to bring a smile to a child’s face who is required to stay at home and is confused and concerned with all the scary messages they are hearing all around them. Can you imagine what it must be like to be a child who does not completely understand all that is going on and is required to stay at home for their safety?  How about their parent?  How do they set their child at ease while retaining their own sanity?

You can help when you buy a toy to bring that smile to a child, making a difference to them now and for the rest of time they are told to stay at home and protect themselves.

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The Affordable Housing Alliance provides safe and dignified housing for those essential employees like the person who checks you out at the grocery store, pumps your gas, teachers, police, healthcare workers and hundreds of others who struggle to pay their bills every day. AHA built and operates the housing for more than 600 families right here in Monmouth County.

While there are issues with food, employment and housing facing every family, this appeal is about the children. Over 300 are in AHA housing, and we want to provide a toy or game to each and every one.

I want to give you the opportunity to help. Join me with the simple donation of a new toy from WalMart, Amazon or other online retailers. We will have new toys delivered directly from the retailers to the home so it is safe and new. We will consider the age and gender and speak with the parent(s) for suggestions to be sure to get just the right toy or game to make the child happy.

While this is a small effort, it can be HUGE to a child right here where we live. A child of parents who are there taking care of you and your family.

Please contact us at 732-389-2958 or on our website.

Click HERE to Donate to Gift of Fun 

Thank you and please, stay safe and healthy.


Ray Smith, President Affordable Housing Alliance