Little Silver: At the end of the school year, a very special presentation took place when Red Bank Regional (RBR) senior Visual and Performing Art Academy (VPA) art majors unveiled their end-of-the year project, a gift to their school to adorn its walls. This year, two murals were created- one for the Physical Education Department and a second for the media center.

The five students in Studio 4 art--Juliet Alejandrez, Belmar; Skylar Heilos, Little Silver; Said Ors, Red Bank; Brigid Fahy, Belmar; and Kate Neff, Little Silver-- met with their client, in this case the Physical Education Department, to learn what they envisioned for the piece.

Senior Bridget Fahy comments, “We talked about Atlas and the strength and power of the Olympian.  Skylar Heilos and Kate Neff added, “We also wanted to appeal to multiple people inclusive of many sports and to show the strength and endurance acquired through physical education.”

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The colorful, mosaic mural will adorn a wall in the wellness center located off the school’s gymnasium, which is used for physical education classes. It contains exercise bikes, TRX among other equipment. RBR physical education teacher Mary Karlo comments, “Over all, this work exceeded what I could have ever imagined. The neat thing is that this room is designed so every kid can achieve some kind of fitness which is well depicted in the mural.”

The second mural was created by AP Studio Art students Hannah Goodman, Belmar; Hannah Leahy, Red Bank, and Catina Hinz, Allenhurst. It is the third mural to decorate the media center. These students were authorized to create their art based on their own interpretation.

The girls comment, “Since the library is so full of books and diversity, we decided to portray accomplishments like the parchment paper used for the writing of the Declaration of Independence and a hot air balloon and plane for air travel including a rocket for the moon landing. The focal point is Da Vinci’s famous symbol of Vitruvian Man which connects man to the universe and all his accomplishments from art to engineering.”

RBR studio art teacher Claudia O’Connor comments, “This year’s murals were challenging since the concepts for each were a bit more broad and abstract in thematic, the students really needed to think outside the box to create a composition that could visually convey their client’s idea, but I think at the end they were successful in achieving their goal, both murals are really beautiful”