RED BANK, NJ – TAPinto Red Bank has been offering a series of “Back of the House” articles profiling the men and women of who make Red Bank “work.”  Our purpose is to have the borough residents gain a personal sense of the people and the support personnel who perform behind the scenes to keep the town running and safe, 24/7/365. 

Hence, “Back of the House.”

We spoke with Patrolwoman Grace Maggiulli of the Red Bank Police Department and asked her a few questions.

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TAPinto: Tell us about yourself, where you grew up and how long you’ve been a LEO with the RBPD

Maggiulli: I was born in Red Bank and raised in Middletown, along with my 3 brothers and 3 sisters that range from my oldest sister who is 30, down to my youngest brother who is almost 10.  I graduated from the Middletown public school system, and attended Brookdale Community College and Fairleigh Dickinson University.

I started with the Red Bank Police Department in April of this year.  Prior to joining the RBPD, I began my career as a part-time dispatcher with the Little Silver Police Department about a year after graduating from high school.  I held a second job as a part-time dispatcher with the Rumson Police Department.  The Rumson Police Department hired me as a class two special law enforcement officer in January 2015, and as a full-time police officer in September 2015.

TAPinto: Talk about the moment or circumstances in your life where you realized that you wanted to become a police officer

Maggiulli: Growing up, I wasn’t entirely sure what my career path was going to be.  The idea of getting into law enforcement was always an aspiration of mine, but I also love music, and thought about embarking on a career in the music industry.   It wasn’t until when I was a junior in high school where I attended the Monmouth County Vocational School Program for Law Enforcement (now currently called The Academy of Law and Public Safety), where I solidified my decision of choosing a law enforcement career. 

TAPinto: As a Patrolwoman, what are your responsibilities and specific duties?

Maggiulli: Enforce traffic, local, and state laws, respond to calls for service, maintain a police presence, and to ensure public safety throughout the community.

TAPinto: Being a LEO is a high stress job.  What outside activities do you do to relax?

Maggiulli: Outside of work my favorite thing to do is to spend time with my family and loved ones, specifically with my younger brother and sister.  I have a lot more fun with the kids than I do with adults!  I also enjoy staying physically active and have found that exercise and going to the gym is an excellent way to de-stress. 

Additionally, I love discovering new music and playing music.  I have been drumming for almost 17 years, and have recently been learning the violin.  Before COVID, I loved going to concerts and seeing live music ranging from big name bands to local bands.

TAPinto: As a police officer, you see it all.  Tell us about your most interesting moment(s)

Maggiulli: Oh yes, we do see it all!  While they are many interesting moments that happen just about every day, one moment that stands out to me in particular occurred at an unassuming medical call that rapidly required very quick thinking to save that individual’s life.

TAPinto: Your most gratifying moment(s)?

Maggiulli: While I enjoy the spontaneity and the fast-paced environment that comes with this job, I truly believe some of the most gratifying moments I have had on patrol are seeing the kids wave at the police car driving through their neighborhood and the look of excitement on their faces when they see the police. 

I love to talk to the kids, and it gives me a great sense of pride to see how excited they are to see the police car, and help them learn about my role and my fellow officer’s role in their community.  For me, it is a stark reminder how important my job is, and it motivates me to continue to do the job to the best of my ability.

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