The Solution to Looking at Your Smartphone?

Read, Read, Read & Read Some More!

I remember my day saying that “everything can be found in a book. You’ve just got to know where to look.”

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Of course, now we have Google.

God help us.

But what I learned from my dad’s words was that he wasn’t talking about a specific thing or a subject. 

But that the gaining of understanding from compiling diverse subjects will lead to the opening up of your mind resulting in a better and more informed person.

And you get to intelligently talk to pretty girls.

What’s this all about? 

The Red Bank Public Library has their “Fill a Bag for $5 Book Sale”

When:  Every Tuesday & Wednesday as long as you live!

Cost: Read previous genius.  $5.00

Wait, there’s more:  They’ll even give you a shopping bag!

Smartphones are turning our kids’ minds into mush.  And I suspect a lot of their parents too. 

Get to the RB library and buy as many books as you want - for $5!