Just to clarify, Councilmen Zipprich and Ballard had nothing to do with the rally.  I appreciated the two of them attending, but they were not part of the organizing.  

I personally invited Councilwoman Kate Triggiano, the Senior Center liaison, and she did not show.  I am not in politics and I don't care for politics with its dog-eat-dog world.

The rally was my idea and it was PERSONAL for me as the former outreach worker for the Red Bank Senior Center.

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As far as a rally during the pandemic, most of the same Democratic council members marched in the rally I helped organize with Linda Clark for Black Lives Matter over the summer.  We maintained social distancing and used masks.  The Mayor even spoke at that Rally and had us take a knee with him during his speech.

It is clear to me the counsel has their mind made up to move the Center because that's what they want. They couldn't care less what the people want.  They have never even asked the people what they would like or want to see happen.

The personal attacks show that it is their way or the highway.  Terrible. 

I now see how they are reacting with personal vendetta's and not acting for the people who voted for them.

Knock it off and do the right thing for the seniors.  

It's about them, not the Borough Council, because you messed up somewhere.  Listen to the people especially the Seniors, this is their Quality of Life.  

They ought to be ashamed of themselves for even writing this press release.

Editor’s Note:  To read the TAPinto Red Bank article on this event, including the press release, click HERE.