Dear Red Bank Neighbors & Friends:
Tomorrow, Wednesday, August 19,  6:30 p.m., there will be Council Meeting where a Proposed Budget will be presented for approval. 
The Proposed Budget posted on the Borough Website calls for a 5% increase in the Amount to be Raised by Taxes vs. 2019. 
This will result in an increase in our Municipal Tax Rate and overall taxes of around 3%.   Since 2017, we have seen a decline in Revenues and instead of taking cost-cutting measures, we continue to see an increase in expenditures, including new hires, promotions, substantial pay raises for some boro employees and other unnecessary expenditures.  
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All of this means needlessly higher taxes for us. 
Councilman and Finance Chairman Michael Ballard presented to the Council and Finance Committee a list containing up to $230,000 in proposed cuts that were rejected.

Instead, (Business Administrator) Mr. Shehady, who refuses to make hard cuts in expenses or investigate why town revenues are falling, wants to reduce our garbage pickup services to one day a week, even though he already knows this won’t save Red Bank a single penny.
The ONLY way we will be saved from higher taxes and unsafe service reductions is if we, the residents, demand our elected officials to vote NO to both proposals.




Here is every council member’s official email address:
Mayor Menna                 
Councilman Zipprich      
Councilman Ballard        
Councilman  Yngstrom   
Councilman Yasim          
Councilwoman Triggiano
Councilwoman Horgan  
A suggested email is below, though of course you may write whatever you like. Remember, it’s up to us to keep Red Bank working in our interests. Thanks to everyone who is willing to stand up and speak out against higher taxes and reduced services!
Marybeth Maida
Dear Council Member (add name)
I am a Red Bank Resident who opposes Business Administrator Ziad Shehady’s and the Council’s proposed 3% municipal tax increase and proposed garbage collection reduction.
As a voter, I depend on you to provide legislative oversight and independent execution of your duties as an elected official.
As such, I respectfully request that you vote NO to any reduction in garbage collection.  I further request that all of the finance committee budget amendments be voted on publicly before adoption of the final 2021 budget.  I ask that you vote YES on every one of these amendments:
I will not support any elected official who supports higher taxes and reduced services, especially during this time of national crisis.
Please do what is right for our health, our safety and our town.  Thank you.
(add your name and street where you live)