As much as the Monmouth Film Festival (MFF) likes to promote local films, it also has so much love for films outside of its borders. The MFF team screams the attitude of "go big or go home,” since they strive to include as many different films as they can as they grow each year. They want everyone to experience their enterprise to the fullest and that would be impossible without creators from all regions of the world.

This international festival includes an exclusive panel that would be incomplete without industry professionals from near and far. It’s crucial for filmmakers to be able to hear different artist’s perspectives and techniques to take what works for them as they continue forming their own style. It is also wonderful for audiences to get a small peek into countries they may otherwise never see, especially through the lenses of people who actually live there. Exposure to other places and cultures makes for a more understanding world. Eventually, deep down, we all realize how similar we truly are.

Take a look at the foreign films being featured this year from Saudi Arabia, France, Germany and more:

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