RED BANK, NJ - The Navesink Business Group (NBG), held their bi- monthly 8:00am on Wednesday at the West Side Eatery.

Rob Lowe, Executive Director of the NBG and Branch Manager of Family First Funding, opened the meeting by introducing this week’s highlighted business, Coastal System Technology (CST), a twenty-seven year old company owned by Doug Daniels.

CST is one of those companies, that unless your very technologically savvy, it’s like magic to the rest of us. 

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But you know that your computer and all the data is critical to your business.

CST is a full-service provider offering 24/7 remote monitoring of your equipment alerting you if there is a problem, desktop and laptop repair, maintenance and upgrades including spyware removal, security cameras that can be viewed over the Internet, plus web design, hosting and Internet solutions. 

Daniels is a very personable guy, straight shooter and straight talker.  Jokingly saying, “My first computer had a ten-megabyte hard drive which was really big back then.  Now my smart phone has more power.”

Taking on companies that have from 5 to 50+ computers, CST will review how many nodes are required in your network, the size of the building or residence, and your business model.  They will then design a system that fulfills your needs today and in the future.

The Crash you never hear.

That would be your hard drive going kaput.  The next crash (that you also won’t hear), is you hitting the floor after realizing that you had no backup plan.

“No matter how many computers you have, the most important thing is to have some type of backup plan.  Statistics have shown that 60% of companies who lost their data, went out of business in five years”, said Daniels.

Daniels spoke about how critical it is for any business, from a single to multiple computer users, to have a backup and disaster recovery plan.  “I really can’t stress that enough, more than anything else, I always make sure that my customers are backed up.” 

It’s not a matter of if your computer is going to crash, it’s when.

This article opened your eyes?  Maybe made you nervous? 

Good, it was supposed to.

Technology is not magic. 

But when you have a need for expert computer consultation make that call to Coastal System Technology

What works?  Networking works!

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