RED BANK, NJ:  The world’s full of kitchen designers, but very few have the added benefit of being an interior designer.   We spoke with Remya Warrior, owner of Kitchen Designers NJ who has expertise in each. 

Your home, and especially your kitchen, is a reflection of you and your family.  You want both to be inviting and comfortable, but most importantly, your kitchen to be functional as it relates to your lifestyle.

And this is where Kitchen Designers NJ excels.

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TAP: Tell us about yourself, your family and how you got into the business of interior/kitchen design

Warrior: In India everyone who was any good (meaning good at studies), was an engineer, lawyer or a doctor.  Since I wasn’t wonderful at anything, my aunt advised me to take design as I was always creative.  After I earned my Bachelor’s Degree it was either getting a Master’s or getting married.  After completing my Masters, I got married to my husband Subhash.  We came here in 1997 and couldn’t work as I was on a dependent visa.  Once we received the green card, I started looking for jobs in the design field.  Subhash was working as an IT consultant and now manage two businesses; the kitchen design store and investing in real estate

TAP: When speaking with a homeowner about a design project, what questions do you ask so that the completed project reflects both their vision and their lifestyle?

Warrior: We try to understand what "Home" means to each person.  In the majority of the time, the answer lies in their past; how and where we were brought up.  What we want for our customers is to be able to connect very deeply with their surroundings.  And it also depends on the values that are most important to them because that’s what they are going to be passing on to the next generation.

TAP: Tell us about the Workshops you offer and the advice that you offer

Warrior: We are living in unprecedented times, so we haven’t had a grand opening party.  We're developing a series of videos that explains interior & kitchen design so that people can benefit from understanding how space planning & proper planning can literally change their lives.

TAP: In addition to kitchen design, what other advice and services do you offer?

Warrior: I have been an interior designer before I became hooked onto Kitchen design.  We consult on small projects from a single room, or whole home projects. Presently, I have a whole house project that I'm working on and just completed very a nice kitchen design in collaboration with another fellow designer. We also helped with some other rooms like designing built-ins in their living room and a mudroom.  Cabinets are not just for kitchens anymore!

TAP: You provide a “Virtual Design Plan” service.  Describe what this is, what steps are involved and how you work your client  

Warrior: We started offering virtual design packages a few years ago and have successfully completed several projects.  We have video testimonials on our website from very satisfied and happy clients.

We start out with meeting clients on ZOOM.  We ask that they send us pictures of their current space, pictures of their dream space is and the required measurements.

We then apply the 9 layers of our self-developed interior design system and meet with the clients presenting a complete package including a mood board, specific furniture, accessories, window treatments, etc.  A mood board is our first deliverable to get the design approved.  It is a visual presentation that conveys a general idea or feeling about what their room will look like.

We also provide detailed instructions on where to place everything in the room.  We make sure whichever package our clients choose, there is always a win-win situation.

TAP: What makes Kitchen Designers NJ different from similar companies?

Warrior: Most of the kitchen designers I know aren’t interior designers & vice versa.  Once I fell in love with kitchen design, there was no looking back for me. Because I have expertise and experience with both, I can bring all the different aspects of kitchen design & home design together.  Instead of working with two different people, you can get all your design advice in one place.  

We are also real estate investors.  That brings a unique perspective about how much you should invest in your home & kitchen. You never want to over improve or under improve in your home.  Otherwise, you can easily lose money when you sell your home.

TAP: What’s the best part about your job?

Warrior: My clients come back to me and tell me that they have started living a healthier and happier life. They love to entertain in a space they can confidently show off and share with their friends and family.  A new kitchen can be an inspiration.  One family started making fresh food for her little baby, and another client said that she made 300 meatballs because of the excitement of their new space!

TAP: What’s the most challenging?

Warrior: Every project usually has some challenges, whether its budget or space. We can strive to have good communication between clients and us. If the communication is not open, then it’s very difficult to solve any problem that comes in the way.  Our job is to try our best to make clients happy, but it also comes with realistic expectations.  So, we talk about expectations right from the beginning.

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