RED BANK, NJ: The Red Bank RiverCenter and Spitball, a full-service marketing  and branding company, presented their Brand Campaign Launch for attracting visitors to Red Bank.  The showcase was presented at The Two River Theater.

The tag line: Red Bank: A Work of Art.

Several of the Spitball team members provided an overview on the brand framework which entailed the questions; What do you care about?  What are your core values? Who do you want to be?

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Sam Underwood, Media Manager of Spitball said, “We took Red Bank’s strategic plan information and turned it into a brand campaign that really reflects the values of Red Bank.  We translated that to print advertising and to digital and social media, which unifies the messaging and builds the image of Red Bank.”

Spitball sees the town’s creativity side not just with the theater and arts, but on each business offering “their own piece of art or masterpiece,” be it a restaurant meal, a fashion piece, the nightlife and even the drinks. 

Spitball came up with very creative graphic posters with icon images that reflect and tie back to the what Red Bank offers.  These images will be used in print, digital, and social media.  The graphics will be made available to the business community for incorporation into their specific product or service.

Spitball will initially, “Concentrate on Facebook and Instagram social media channels, using both in-feed and story placements.  We want to let people know what makes Red Bank a “Work of Art.”  We’ll focus on what the towns’ people and business owners are doing to contribute to that tag line.  The main driver is to let people know that what they get in Red Bank is unique; be it a meal, fashion or theater,” said Megan Taguer, Spitball’s Digital Marketing Strategist.

The marketing firm has come up with a program series for business owners and residents called, “That’s My Red Bank.”  Research showed that Red Bank’s “personality” is to build something with long-lasting meaning, is passionate, expressive and imaginative.  The program will feature local residents and businesses and what they do specifically to help create a town that is “A Work of Art.” 

Development of a tool kit will be offered so that businesses can utilize the Spitball graphics and then add their particular art and brand overlay content for posting to their social media posts.   

Nick Velardi, Illustrator and Designer at Spitball, said, “The overall challenge was that patrons only associate Red Bank with the one thing they do here, meaning they are not experiencing all the other unique and diverse aspects that the town has to offer.” 

Anthony Torre, co-founder of Spitball, said, “A campaign for a town doesn’t happen in a vacuum.  It’s methodical, we make sure we check off all our boxes so that we arrive at that one idea that encapsulates everything.  If you take input from sources and listen to people and turn out work that matches what people are looking for and delivers against objectives and goals, I think we did a helluva job here.”

To see the Spitball presentation with these images (plus a very cool hoodie sweatshirt), click HEREpdf.

“We’ve been working with Spitball advertising and it’s really exciting, flexible and a lot we can do with it.  We’re going to see it rollout over the next several months taking different forms and it’s going to be a great marketing campaign for Red Bank,” said Jim Scavone, Executive Director of the RiverCenter

There’s a marketing term with the acronym “TOMA,” or Top of Mind Awareness.

This refers to a brand or specific product (i.e., Red Bank), being first in customers' minds.

Red Bank faces intense competition for its products and services, especially with the continuing rise of Asbury Park and Long Branch. 

The launch of Spitball’s Branding Campaign will ensure that Red Bank continues to thrive by creating a brand that makes the town a destination for a multitude of unique and one-of-a kind offerings.

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