RED BANK, NJ – Ok, I’ve heard it all now. 

Families in the Midwest giving up their guardianship of their kids and shipping them out to relatives that don’t have the same amount of assets in order to pick up additional financial aid dollars.

Just absurd!

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Trust me – not a winning strategy and some unintended consequences will likely result.  The schools that are onto this ploy are taking a deep dive when they see something amiss from a parent guardian status standpoint.

I’m here to tell you that there are some legal and ethical strategies.  

Plenty of them.

College Funding Associates (CFA) helps families get a much better understanding of how to navigate the financial aid minefield and save thousands of dollars on tuition costs.

CFA understands the “business” of college.

It starts with the first step and that is learning a basic understanding of how each of the schools on your child’s prospective list will likely view your financial situation.  

The projection of the financial aid award, as well as understanding how to get merit aid opportunities is critical

There is a significant disparity in both the process of aid at some schools – as well as how much you might expect to receive. 

Getting information earlier in the process is a game changer and allows the family the time to take the necessary action.

First Tip:  Don’t shop on sticker price. 

Second Tip.  Never pay sticker price.  Never.

A school with a sticker price of 65k can often end up being cheaper for a family than a school with a sticker price of 30k. 

Sounds crazy, but we’ve experienced this before.

Questions We Resolve

  • What assets are working for you, and what assets might be working against you within the financial aid process? 
  • How does the equity in your home come in to play when applying to these schools?
  • What schools give out the most aid – and how do you both position your child’s merit aid opportunities as well as position your financial aid opportunities effectively? 
  • When you receive a financial aid award, how do you accurately benchmark that award to ensure it’s fair and equitable?
  • At what point do you appeal a financial aid award and how is that appeal best presented? 

College Funding Associates can answer all of these questions for your family.

For over 20 years we have been helping families with this challenge and have worked with hundreds of schools. 

We have the knowledge and experience to enable most families to save thousands of dollars per year on tuition costs.

It starts with the first step. 

Call me, Tom Murdock, to schedule a free consultation in our Rumson office, 732-224-1496.

You will walk away with a much better understanding of the challenge ahead – and where your opportunities are to save your family some very significant dollars. 

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