RED BANK, NJ – What brings out the boys and girls on a cool night?  Bourbon and Mangalitsa pork!

The site was the Red Rock Tap + Grille, hosted by the talented and hardworking manager, Patty Rasoilo who kept things running smoothly as always.

A fun crowd gathered on the upper deck watching a beautiful sunset sipping from a variety of libations provided by selected vendors including; Iron Smoke Distillery, Three Chord, Penelope Bourbon, and the Misunderstood Whiskey Company.

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Patrick Demunecas, Brand Ambassador of Mosefund Farms in Branchburg, NJ, provided plates of delicious fresh cuts of charcuterie (“shar-coo-tare-ree”). 

Charcuterie is from the French for “flesh” and “cooked,” referring to prepared meat products, such as bacon, ham and sausage.  Charcuterie began as a means to preserve meat before refrigeration.

“We have the largest herd of Mangalitsa pigs in North America.  Mangalistas’ unique as its 50% fat, monosaturated, digests easier than butter, has less calories and cholesterol than beef,” said Demunecas.

If ever offered this delectable treat, take it.  

Ahhh, such a good way to spend a Wednesday evening.

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