RED BANK, NJ: TAPinto Red Bank posed a series of questions to the candidates running for borough council.  Their responses are to provide the residents insight on their personal background as well as their views on issues and the future of Red Bank.

TAPinto Red Bank will offer the responses of all the candidates this week.

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Red Bank Council Republican candidate Allison Gregory responses:

TAPinto:  Tell us about yourself, where you grew up, your family life and how long you’ve been living in Red Bank

Gregory:  I grew up in Fanwood, NJ and graduated from Kean University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.  From college, I started a career as a Social worker in Union County.  Frustrated by poor leadership and ineffective bureaucracy I switched into the private sector & traveled the world working in Corporate Meeting & Event Planning. 

We moved to Monmouth County in 2006.  I moved to Red Bank in 2016 to our home on Bank Street with my husband and two girls.  I found out after the fact that we had purchased the home of the co-founder of Lunch Break, Norma Todd.  Working on our home we were approached daily by people whose lives had been touched by Mrs. Todd, this inspired me to get more involved with my community. 

I am realtor for Resources Real Estate where I have practiced for over 12 years. In 2017, I was the #1 Buyers agent in Red Bank & in 2018 I was the #1 agent overall.  My office was in downtown Red Bank for 5 years.

TAPinto: Why are you running for Borough Council?

Gregory:  I am running to bring back balance to the current governing body.  I will represent all of Red Bank no matter your party affiliation.  I'd like to make a difference in my community & follow in the footsteps of Norma Todd & to continue the fight for a better Red Bank.

I am hardworking, not afraid to speak up and will work to make the Borough run more efficiently.  I was a candidate last year, and I am back out there working hard. 

I do not know how to quit.  When elected I will not only lead and listen to ALL residents & businesses but will follow through with action. 

TAPinto: What are the most significant issues that Red Bank is facing and what are your positions on those issues?

Gregory:  Taxes are continuing to rise & spending is out of control; we need to hold the line on taxes and provide an open and honest government.  I will work to cut the wasteful spending & government inefficiencies.  Keeping Red Bank affordable is extremely important - many longtime residents feel & fear they are being pushed out. 

Another issue in town is parking.  A common sense solution to an obvious problem is to negotiate with owners of the numerous private parking lots that are closed and vacant after 5pm on weekdays & all day on weekends and to create incentives for them to open their lots to the public during off hours.

Another issue is working to complete projects in a timely fashion and more efficient manner.  The East Side Park Project has taken over 6 months & is still incomplete leaving a mess and an eyesore and have you tried playing tennis at Marine Park - how many years have they had now?   Our feeling is their time is up!

TAPinto:  What policies, procedures, and Borough ordinances will you, if elected, advocate to be changed, and what changes do you suggest?  What is your first priority?

Gregory:  The #1 Recommendation of The Management Enhancement Report that came out in May 2018 was to enact a Charter Study Commission.  The current governing body hasn't taken this recommendation seriously and when elected I will fight to enact this study. 

I'd like to propose a partnership with the Red Bank Board of Education and the Borough to allow our children to play on the playgrounds of the Red Bank Primary School after school hours.  There are no parks on the West side of town for our children to play in.  Our children need a safe place to play instead of the streets.  Spending millions more of taxpayer’s money on a new park at Bell Haven Nature Preserve right next to the school in a flood zone doesn’t follow common sense. 

Another policy I'd like to enact is police enforcing crosswalks and better visibility/ maintenance of our current crosswalks.  Many are in poorly lit areas and the paint has faded leaving them barely visible.  People don't stop at crosswalks and people have been hit, most recently a child.  I have spoken on this issue many times at council meetings & the seriousness of this issue & lack of enforcement doesn't seem to sink in - it’s been covered in local news and still it’s ignored - this is inexcusable.  

One issue that seems particularly frustrating to homeowners in some parts of town are streets packed at night with commercial vehicles.  Other towns don’t allow this, so they dump them in Red Bank every evening.  I would introduce an ordinance that would restrict the times commercial vehicles are allowed to park on residential streets.  Many of the streets are narrow and you can't see to get around the oversized vehicles - it’s dangerous. 

TAPinto: Why should the voters elect you to the Borough Council?

Gregory:  I am a leader, a hard worker and am not afraid to speak up for what is right.  I don’t owe anyone any favors, so I can and will fight honestly for a better Red Bank - no strings attached.  I have a successful professional track record and a work ethic to match - I will bring these skills to office and bring positive morale back to borough hall.  Action and results are what voters want & what many find is currently missing. I will change this, I will bring forth results. 

I ran for Borough Council last year and am back at it again because there’s a need in our community.  My skills as the # 1 agent in Red Bank 2 years in a row and #2 in my company last year shows this passion, strong negotiating skills, and the will to drive to not stop until whatever needs to get done gets done!  I don’t believe in excuses. 

Red Bank needs transparency and the strength that only a balanced government can bring.  When elected, my running mate Jonathan Penney and I will bring that back to the table.  A one party ruled town isn't a healthy government and doesn’t serve the best interest of all of Red Bank.  

When we are out knocking on doors, we knock on all the doors especially ones with our opponent’s lawn signs and that’s because when we are elected, we plan on representing all the people in our town, we welcome different ideas and perspectives - different ideas is key to being our best.

Candidate debates are scheduled for Thursday, October 24th, 7:00pm at the River Street Commons, 49 Catherine Street, Red Bank.

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The General Election will be held on November 5th, 2019.

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