RED BANK, NJ: Mayor Pat Menna opened the council meeting last night with a reading and presentation of a Proclamation for Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.   The mayor presented the edict to Dr. Howard Hampel and “Nurse Bonnie” Woodward of the Red Bank Gastroenterology Associates.

To read the "March Colon Cancer Awareness Month" flyer, click HERE.

To read the "Excuse Busters #1 - There's No Time for a Colonoscopy," flyer, click HERE.

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“Thank you for bringing awareness.  Only two-thirds of those in Monmouth County are getting the recommended screening and if more people get screened, we can largely eliminate this disease,” said Dr. Hample. 

As always, the most interesting segment of council meetings are the public comments.

Former councilwoman Cindy Burnham brought up an issue on Mechanic Street about the installation of JCP&L poles and leaving dirt and concrete blocks around the poles.  She provided pictures to back up her assertions (see carousel).  “It’s really upsetting.  It’s a very heavily traveled sidewalk, people with strollers, kids, school bus stops, they’re huge boulders, said Burnham.  

Mayor Menna responded, “It’s a safety matter.  If you’re not going to remove the pole, you don’t start excavating six month (prior) and leave concrete on the sidewalk.  We’ll get code enforcement to issue summons to JCP&L.”

Burnham questioned if this was a DPW (Dept. of Public Works) matter with the Mayor retorting, “DPW did not make the mess.  We should not be in the business of correcting the crap of other utility companies who don’t bother cleaning up after themselves.  I’m really upset over this, because you’re right.”

And there was another issue that visibly agitated the mayor.

Red Bank resident Walter Lau who said he moved to the borough five years ago, made a passionate plea to the council about the truck traffic on E. Bergen and all the cross streets.  

Lau brought up that the town just spent a significant amount of money repaving the street, and their (heavy trucks) are, “Driving over this street, and they’re destroying it.  What’s the point of repaving the street?  It doesn’t make sense.  I’ve got kids, I’m backing out of my driveway and there’s a truck coming down the road.  What am I going to do?  Get hit?  What’s it going to take, have a truck come through and kill somebody?”

Lau said he did go and speak with the police, about the trucks, speeding and ignoring of stop signs on E. Bergen Place and South Street, “And I got laughed out of the station.”

“I hear your statements and frustration level, and I’d like to have a (private) sidebar conversation with you (after the meeting), said Mayor Menna.

Several residents came up to the microphone to support and confirm Lau’s assertions.

The council read and approved various Minutes and Reports, Ordinances and Resolutions (all adopted), including:

A Resolution to purchase new parking meters in the amount of $212,966

A Resolution for environmental testing be conducted along the Borough rights-of-way on Marion Street and John Street to determine the extent of historic fill and elevated levels of lead by New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.  This testing will be performed at the Community Garden.  

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Tax Collector’s Annual Report  

A Resolution for the payment of bills.

To see the Bill List, click HERE.

To see a breakdown of the bills, click HERE and HERE.

To read the entire agenda, click HERE.

To watch the video of the meeting, courtesy of Suzanne Viscomi, click HERE.

Your voice matters and the council does listen and will take appropriate action.

But you've got to make your opinion known.

The next council meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 25th.

Attend, learn and participate.

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